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Homeopathic clinic online is a modern telemedicine approach to have instant homeopathy consultation. Read what benefits Online Homeopathy Clinic may offer in comparison with the traditional approach.

What is Homeopathy? How it differs from other medicinal approaches?

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We feel its important for you to know more about Homeopathy. Hence before you access our Homeopathic Clinic Online, kindly get more information about this approach.

Homeopathy is one of the supreme branches of alternative medicine. The universal rule of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ is the basic foundation for its approach. Samuel Hahnemann invented this unique way of treating various disorders. Hahnemann was a German physician who got aversed with the traditional ways of treating various diseases. In his medical practice, he found that various chemical drugs used for treatment are causing more harm than the benefits.

Online Homeopathic ClinicSamuel Hahnemann was the first physician who prepared medicines in a unique way. He diluted various substances and discovered that still, such dilutions have the capacity to produce symptoms in healthy humans. This dilution approach is termed as Homeopathic potentization. And unique computation of emerging symptoms after ingestion of such dilutions is called as provings. Hahnemann proved such medicines in healthy human beings. Based on the results of his experiments he could cure various diseases in sick individuals. That is why he is also termed as the father of Experimental Pharmacology.

What is Similia Similibus Curentur?

Online Homeopathic Clinic MumbaiThis axiom expresses the doctrine of Homeopathy. It can also be termed as the law of similars. Hahnemann discovered this principle while he was searching for a unique method of treating patients. His primary goal was finding a way which would never harm the patients.

In his inherent quest, Samuel Hahnemann ingested some Cinchona bark to investigate what will happen. To His astonishment, he truly experienced malaria symptoms. Based on this experiment, he concluded that effective medicine is capable of producing disease symptoms whenever ingested by a healthy person. This he termed as ‘Law of Similars’.

This Law of Similars helped Hahnemann to arrive at a strange and unique conclusion. “Any substance that produces disease symptoms in a healthy being is capable of curing same symptoms in a diseased being”.

Hahnemann then experimented with a number of substances. He noted various symptoms produced in healthy human beings. It is then obvious to him, to use this data in choosing correct medicine for a sick person. Not to mention here, he could cure thousands of patients with his unique approach.

In our Homeopathic Clinic Online, we are using the same approach. In fact, more than your symptoms and diagnosis of sickness, we are interested to know more about you while concluding remedy for you.

What kind of diseases can Homeopathy cure?

As a matter of fact, Homeopathy weighs symptoms of disease more than the diagnosis unlike other medical sciences. It emphasizes the symptoms of diseases are genuine expressions of the inner soul in the first place. Additionally, this alternative science proposes the theory of individualization. Each living being is unique in nature possessing its own characteristics. These characteristics define the very nature of individual being. And so does its symptoms too.

Online Homeopathy Clinic Badlapur MumbaiIn brief, Homeopathy aims to treat inner being rather than the disease itself. Hence along with symptoms of diseases other unique characteristics of an individual matter the most. Unique habits of the person, his likes, and dislikes or his very nature are few examples of these characteristics. In case if you ever visit a homeopathic clinic, you would not be wondered why the Homeopathy physician was asking about your dreams or your cravings for things like sugar or ice cream.

All substances of this nature are drugs and poison both. Only quantity can determine whether particular substance would be drug or poison. Homeopathy elaborates medicinal power of substances. In fact, even toxic substances would become remedies after dilution and potentization. Such remedies would work wonder in curing and mitigating a variety of disorders. Such potentized remedies if prescribed to the patient after studying his totality of symptoms are enough capable of curing or mitigating underlying disorder. In fact, the true Homeopathic prescription is always for a patient not for his underlying disorder.

In conclusion, we can cater Homeopathic prescription to any human disorder. We are using the Hahnemannian approach in our Homeopathic clinic. Not to mention here, our Homeopathic clinic aims to treat you more than your disorder itself. Hence it doesn’t matter which vital organ is affected or how old the disorder is.

About Online Homeopathy Clinic

Online Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli MumbaiEach human being wishes good health for him and his family. A visit to a clinic due to some health reasons is the last thing one can ever be thought of. Unlike shopping, rarely anyone wishes to spend more on hospital bills. In fact, sickness brings psycho-social trauma to the patient and his family.

Untreatable conditions, chronic disorders or recurring pathologies make a severe psycho-economical impact. The doctor remains the last way of hope. Modern technological and research advances remain the last hands of help. Its true, today we have the supreme medical care in our hands compared to the era of hundred years back. But it is equally true that yet we have not conquered each disorder.

Still, there are a number of disorders for which someone may seek help from alternative medicines. Yet there is someone who may face harm rather than benefit from modern medicine. Additionally, there are some number of patients who may prefer Homeopathy than other alternative medicine branches. In conclusion, a visit to Homeopathic clinic although seems farthest but sure possibility.

This is for sure that Homeopathic clinic would offer you a new way of hope. Someone would get a sigh of relief by knowing the lesser possibility of harm compared to other sciences.  Someone would like the involvement of a physician to know him more. A few may get astonished by the way of ability of a Homeopathy science itself especially in a situation where other sciences failed to treat them. Some especially the younger ones would be joyful for the sweet pellets instead of bitter medicines surely from a Homeopathic clinic. Not to mention here, a visit to the Homeopathic clinic would become sacred once you like its approach.

Why may someone avoid visiting Homeopathic Clinic?

Homeopathic Clinic Online Dombivli IndiaThere are a number of people who resist believing in Homeopathy. Not to mention here, who strongly uphold the ways of Modern medicines deny the medicinal value of Homeopathy. Yet there are few for whom Homeopathic clinics are the practicing hubs of a quack people. As a matter of fact, such people would like to express their views without observing a single cured case of Homeopathy.

On the other hand, a very few people believe in the medicinal importance of Homeopathy. However, still, they may avoid visiting the Homeopathic clinic. Based on the experience of our Homeopathic clinic we have enlisted some reasons:

  1. Homeopathic medicines work slowly, especially when prescribed for a chronic disorder. Hence after a couple of visits with no results in hand, someone may become inpatient and avoid visiting the Homeopathic clinic.
  2. For some individuals, addition to sickness, their age may be a hindrance for visiting the Homeopathic clinic. For example, sometimes it becomes difficult for old age person to visit the Homeopathic clinic. The same is true for the child group.
  3. Someone may remain occupied in his busy life and avoid visiting the Homeopathic clinic.
  4. In developing countries the number of the qualified Homeopathic practitioner is low. In many parts of the world, Homeopathy is not practiced yet. Hence a visit to the Homeopathic clinic is difficult for many individuals.
  5. Some countries have abandoned the use of Homeopathy by stating it as a placebo effect. Some countries are on the way to abandon it. Not to mention here, they have applied clinical trial techniques to establish the benefits from Homeopathy. We will cover this fact in our forthcoming articles. Unfortunately, people residing in such localities would miss the benefits of visiting the Homeopathic clinic.

Benefits of Online Homeopathy Clinic

Online Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli EastOnline Homeopathic Clinic is our ‘face-to-face’ telemedicine approach. With the advent of technology, the science of telemedicine is also evolving. In short, telemedicine is nothing but providing medical care from a distance with the help of available modes of communication. The primary aim of telemedicine is to overcome the barrier of long distance. Hence, telemedicine brings all corner of the world together for providing medical guidance, information and primary treatment. With the help of our Online Homeopathic Clinic, Online Homeopathic Consultation is available for all.

Our Online Homeopathic Clinic is a use of telemedicine approach. It can be used to consult Homeopath online. It brings Homeopathic physician and patient together.

This online Homeopathic Consultation way would be useful for the isolated population. The people living in remote areas or the regions where Homeopathy is not accessible or available would definitely consult Homeopath online. With the availability of internet on mobile devices, people would find the Homeopathic clinic easily accessible for their needs.Homeopathy Online

Each branch of medicine has its own pros and cons. Obviously, when we are talking about benefits of Online Homeopathic Clinic, we have to keep cons in mind also.

Let we see what benefits Online Homeopathic Consultation can offer.
  • You do not need to travel for visiting Homeopathic Clinic. Online Homeopathic Clinic can be accessible in your home, on your mobile, laptop or even desktop.
  • Since it breaks the barrier of distance one may save a lot of time. While seeking online homeopathic consultation you do not need to take a leave from your work.
  • No waiting time to connect with a qualified Homeopath. One may avoid time lag by taking prior appointment via mobile phone or email.
  • One does not need to wait in a queue outside the homeopathic clinic.
  • Physical disability would never be a barrier to seek Online Homeopathic Consultation. Similarly, homebound patients or the patients who could not afford to leave home due to certain responsibilities would benefit from Online Homeopathic Clinic.
  • You would be receiving doorstep medicine via courier with a proper guidance about how to take it.
  • As discussed earlier, Homeopathy aims to treat a patient as a whole. Hence, in Homeopathic Clinic, sometimes a physician wants to know more about you from your family members. Your nature, your habits or your medical history sometimes best described by the family person than you. Inputs from these members would guide the physician in selecting Homeopathic medicine that suits the patient as a whole. Online Homeopathic Clinic provides this important opportunity. During Online Homeopathic Consultation call, the qualified Homeopathic physician may interact with your family members also. This opportunity not only saves the time and cost of travel but also help in selecting the suitable remedy.
  • Provided all technicalities are taken care of, irrespective of any location across the globe, you can avail the world-class best Classical Homeopathic Consultation.

Some Extra-benefits from Online Homeopathic Consultation

  • We believe in Homeopathic Remedies from the standard and renowned companies. We will be providing such Homeopathic medicines via available courier service.Get Online Homeopathic Treatment
  • Online Homeopathic Clinic removes the possibility of White Coat Syndrome i.e. some people who feel shy or uncomfortable in a doctors office may do interact better remotely.
  • Online Homeopathic Clinic eliminates the chances of possible transmission of infectious diseases from other patients while waiting in a Homeopathic Clinic.
  • In conclusion, Online Homeopathic Clinic would help to save your cost and time in many ways.
  • One can make payment via the gateway.

Drawbacks of Online Homeopathy Clinic

Find Online Homeopathic DispensaryAs discussed earlier, there are pros and cons of each technology and each treatment methodology. Hence it is equally important to understand drawbacks of Online Homeopathic Clinic. One has to weigh benefits vs drawbacks prior to seek Online Homeopathic Consultation.

  • Homeopathic Physician could not examine you personally the way it happens in the clinic. Sometimes before starting treatment or during the treatment, he may ask you to visit a nearby clinic and check for basic health parameters like temperature, pulse, blood pressure or ECG. Since he is not checking you, he had to trust the results of parameters presented by you. Additionally, he has to trust various laboratory parameters and reports presented by you.
  • One has to trust upon qualification, training, and experience of Homeopathic Physician. This difficulty can easily be taken care of by visiting physician personally. In fact, the patients whom we are offering Online Homeopathic Consultation have personally visited our physician at least for once. However, this would not be a case for the patients residing outside Mumbai area or at different parts of the world.
  • Similarly, one has to trust upon the provided Homeopathic medicine. The patients who are regular in our Homeopathic Clinic purchase the prescribed Homeopathic medicine personally. However, if someone availing Online Homeopathic Clinic service would have to trust the authenticity of homeopathic medicine provided by us. Unless needed, the Homeopathic physician would not disclose the name of homeopathic medicine as it may cause bias to you (while presenting your case). It simply means that one may read more information about that remedy from elsewhere and may get confused. Masking of your remedy is our precautionary attempt to keep you away from such bias.
  • There would be a time lag depending upon your location in reaching of homeopathic medicine via courier.

Additional Drawbacks of Online Homeopathy Clinic

  • In case if you personally purchase your prescribed Homeopathic medicine, do not read more information about it from the sources like the internet or magazines. There is the Classical methodology used by your physician while prescribing it. However, once you find improvement in your health, your physician may disclose the homeopathic medicines. The only purpose of this hiding is to avoid the possible bias.Find Online Homeopathy Clinic
  • As far as Online Homeopathic Consultation is concerned, one has to keep trust regarding his privacy. Your personal information is collected only for your treatment and sending homeopathic medicine. We will not misuse this information for any other purpose.

Hope you would have got enough information about our Online Homeopathic Clinic. At this very moment, our patients have started to avail Online Homeopathic Consultation for their follow-ups. We are aiming to spread the process of Online Homeopathy Consultation worldwide.

Still, we request you to read more on our site prior to avail services. Your access to our site would be considered as you agree to terms and services, privacy policy, consent and confirmation details. Links to the same pages are provided on Home Page as well About us page on this website.

The Concept Of Online Homeopathy

The use of technological advent in medical sciences is a well-known phenomenon. The branches of medicine keep on evolving. Telemedicine is one of the modern concepts now followed by many developed countries.

We cherish the use of telemedicine for providing Online Homeopathic Consultation for the benefit of our patients.

Below are the details of reference health website which is following telemedicine approach for providing Online Homeopathic Consultation.

Reference Health website: OmeopatiaDinamica: Homeopathy Online Consultation


  • Classic homeopathy Consultation on Skype in the Italian language
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Health Education

Consultant: Dr. Gili Maria Luisa (Psychiatrist, and Psychotherapist)





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