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Steps for joining Dr. Sandip's Online Homeopathic Clinic

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Best wishes from Please follow below steps if you are interested in Online Homeopathy Consultation and willing to join the clinic.

  1. Read Terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and Consent and Confirmation Sections
  2. Book an Appointment
  3. Make Payment via Store (Buy Appropriate Product)
  4. Join Video Call

Step 1: Terms and Conditions

Step 1 on the above-mentioned list is compulsory for all those visiting Your willingness to join Online Homeopathic Consultation will be considered as your positive agreement with the mentioned facts. You would find these pages on our Homepage and About us page. Still, we are putting links to these pages below. You may read and agree by clicking on below-mentioned links.

Step 2: Booking an Appointment

It is important for you to book an appointment with Dr. Sandip prior to joining the clinic. You may convey your willingness to join the Online Homeopathic Clinic via below options.

  1. What's up message or call on +91 8097130628

Step 3: Make Payment via Store

  1. Click below image and store will open in new tab. Buy appropriate Product. 

Online Homeopathy by Dr Sandip

How to Make Payment from Store

  1. Choose appropriate Product from store by Clicking 'Buy Now'Online Clinic by Dr Sandip Awadhani
  2. Your selected item will be seen in 'Shopping Bag'. Click on 'Shopping Bag'. You will find 'Check Out' button. Click 'Check Out' for making Payment

Online Sandip Awadhani's Homeopathic ClinicOnline Homeopathy Sandip Awadhani

   How to Choose Your Payment Method

  1. PayPal: You can pay via PayPal account, Master card, Visa card or Amex.
  2. Credit or debit Card: Selecting this option will also provide you netbanking.

If you are residing in India, then option 2 is preferable for you. Select the Payment option and enter your own active e-mail address as below.

Homeopathic Clinic Online by Dr Sandip

Scroll  down and Fill your correct address details as below example. Courier will be send on this address.

Online Homeopathy Dombivli India

Click 'Continue'. Payment Gateway will open. 

Click 'Cards' if you want to pay via Credit or debit card. Click 'Banks', if you want to pay via Net banking

After entering your details of selected option you then click on 'Pay Now'.

How to Join Video Call in Myhealthletter Homeopathy Clinic

Book an appointment via up message or call on +91 8097130628. Dr. Sandip will connect you via phone call. Ensure below arrangements are done prior to join the video clinic.

  • Be comfortable in noise free room and ensure internet is running on your device (mobile/PC/Laptop or tab)
  • Be ready with your previous medical reports, lab results etc. Keep ready scanned copies of these document for sharing. We will maintain complete Privacy of your data. We will never publish it.

Follow below mentioned steps for joining video call (Please follow below images)

  1. Ensure your device supports latest version of Chrome/Mozilla Firefox or Safari. 
  2. Click the red colored Letter icon at left bottom side of screen. You will find this letter icon on any page of site
  3. Fill in your Name, Email, Phone (Question/message if we are offline)
  4. Click on the small squared icon. You will notice 4 icons enabled.
  5. Click the 3rd icon. You will enter in video clinic. You can make chat, image/video sending and screen sharing while in the video call.

Dr Sandip's Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli Mumbai          Online Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli   Join Online Homeopathic Clinic

Video call Buttons:

If prompted by browser for allowing Video/audio calling then please click Allow.

Online Homeopathy

1) Sharing Button: For Screen Sharing function, it requires to install Extensions on your Chrome browser. (1) Go to Google Chrome Web Store at ''; (2) Search '2ConnectMe screen sharing'; (3) Add such Chrome Extension to your browser; (4) Restart to call again. For any issue, feel free to contact us at

2) Audio Video On/Off Button: You may mute audio or off video by pressing these buttons

Dr.Sandip's Homeopathy

3) Do not press audio Button

4) Chat Button: This Button will allow you to chat with the physician. You can find notifications if physician has written you something on chat. Use this button and write to physician what you want to say

Homeopathic Clinic Dr Sandip

5) Separator Button: Pressing this button will allow you to change screens of video and chat

Homeopathy Online

6) Button for Chat and Video from same screen: Use this button especially on PC/Laptop for doing chat along with video calling on same screen

Homeopathy by Dr Sandip in Dombivli

7) Log Out Button for ending video calling

Sandip's Online Homeopathy

Hope this information will help you for conversation while video calling.

In case if technical failure happens, Physician may opt to do video calling from What's up. Please save physician's phone number in your mobile's contact list.

Wish you good health.