Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): Causes ! Symptoms ! Treatment !!

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Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome


Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome varies from person to person.  Generally, modifications in Lifestyle and Diet would provide larger help.

Managing stress and anxiety is the major milestone. Medications would be the last major.


Preventive measures for IBS symptoms


Treatment Irritable Bowel Syndrome1 Psychotherapy: Controlling your stress and worries would definitely aid. Relaxation techniques like Yoga, meditation significantly ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

The patient would surely receive some help from a counseling session. A counselor can help the patient to change his lifestyle and manage stress.


2 Exercises: Muscle relaxation techniques surely benefit to reduce IBS symptoms.


3 Biofeedback: This, in particular, is an electrical application. The patient receives natural feedback from sensors. As a result, he understands his body functions well. The technique surely helps in modifying activities.


4 Diet: Dietitian will provide a suitable diet plan based on your symptoms. It is important to keep in mind the sensitivity of the patient for ingredients like gluten. Additionally,  one has to rule out the sensitivity for FODMAPs.

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligo-, di-, and monosaccharides and polyols.


Do’s and don’ts for IBS



Always eat a fresh meal

Always use homemade food

Avoid junk and spicy food

Eat high fiber food

Drink enough water

Try to avoid the food which in particular triggers your symptoms

Do regular exercises

Yoga and meditation

Relaxation techniques

Maintain your diet and sleep schedule



Breaking your sleep schedule

Skipping meals or breaking your meal schedule

Eating too much spicy or junk food



Getting unnecessarily stressed

Eating food which causes bloating or gases

Avoid caffeine

Medication for irritable bowel syndrome


Generally, counseling alone relieve some symptoms especially in mild cases. Your doctor may advise medications for moderate-to-severe symptoms.

It is important to realize that you must consult your physician for treatment. Below is the list of the common medicinal approaches for IBS.

Homeopathy Irritable Bowel SyndromeA bulking agent like psyllium which slows the movement of food in your gut

Treatment of underlining gastrointestinal infection

Treatment of psychological  factors like anxiety, stress

Antidepressant medications in case of depression

Antispasmodics in case of abdominal pain

Probiotic therapy to have healthy intestinal flora

Laxatives in case of constipation eg. Polyethylene glycol

Loperamide like agents for controlling intestinal motility

Bile acid sequestrants


Homeopathic management of irritable bowel syndrome


Irritable bowel syndrome symptoms Homeopathy treatmentThe physician’s high and only mission is to restore the sick to health (Dr. Hahnemann Aphorism 1).

Irritable bowel syndrome is a classic example of the deviation of a vital force from its normal equilibrium.

Repertorization of patient symptoms and his characteristics truly help the Homeopathic physician to choose a suitable remedy.


What Homeopathic physician will do if you have irritable bowel syndrome?


Homeopathy is the best alternative system of medication. There are a number of remedies which would likely to help you to relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It is important to note that you have to provide the details of disorder along with some personal details.

If you visit in person or online for a homeopathic consultation:

The homeopathic physician would ask you about your symptoms

He will assess your reports and case details

He may ask you some personal questions about your likes and dislikes

The homeopathic physician would also consider what aggravates your symptoms eg. certain food, particular environment or a certain position

Similarly, he will ask what ameliorates your symptoms eg. certain food, particular environment or a certain position

He may ask about your dreams, diet, sleep etc.

Overall he would try to understand you as a person

The homeopathic physician would reportorize your case

Homeopathy is all about administering a remedy which has produced similar symptoms when it was tested.

The homeopathic physician then prescribes based on his expertise.

Follow the homeopathic regimen and give regular follow-ups

Generally speaking, there are thousands of remedies tested in homeopathic literature. Although looks simple, it takes a good amount of experience, knowledge to prescribe a suitable homeopathic remedy.


Why Homeopathic medicines are best for IBS?


Unlike modern medicines, there is no particular Homeopathic remedy for particular disease. Homeopathic treatment, as a matter of fact, varies from person to person.

Homeopathy Irritable Bowel Syndrome ProblemsHomeopathic medicines are nothing but extreme dilutions of mother substances. Hence they do not cause side effects.

As a matter of fact, these medicines are for suitable for any age.

IBS is a chronic disorder. As has been noted, Homeopathic medicines are safe even in the long run.

Additionally, Homeopathy medicines do not cause interaction with allopathic medical medicines. In other words, they can be safely consumed along with allopathic medicines.

Mostly Homeopathic medicines are given orally. There is absolutely no need for parenteral administration.

Homeopathy, nowadays touted as a quackery. However, collective evidence from a number of successful cases suggest us…Homeopathy certainly has curative power.


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