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Homeopathy meaning and its definition are explained in this article. Many people fail or ignore the true sense or significance of this wonderful health science. In fact, there is a well-established scientific method to treat underlying disorder without causing harm.

Homeopathy or Homoeopathy is a popular way of treating various health disorders. You may find a solution to your health disorder which otherwise thought to be amenable. We think exploring basic principles of Homeopathy would be a futuristic demand. This is very true as current medicines like antibiotics are gradually failing to act.

Homeopathy Meaning and Homeopathy Definition

Homeopathy definitionHomeopathy is the alternative medicine system in which diseases are treated by minuscule doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of similar diseases in healthy individuals.

The word ‘Homeo‘ is a combining form meaning “similar“. The founding principle of this alternative science is, ‘similia similibus curentur’.

The word Homoeopathy or Homeopathy was first coined by Dr. Samuael Hahnemann in 1796. Hahnemann propounded this unique way of treating diseases based on his doctrine of ‘like cures like‘. The principle certainly itself explains the true Homeopathy meaning.

The doctrine of ‘like cures like‘ was understood by Aristotle and Hippocrates too. However, Hahnemann was the first one who devised the unique methods of Homeopathic drug making. He defined the Law of Similars and its obvious use in the practice of medicine.

Every substance is a poison and a medicine too. Its the quantity of a substance that defines whether it will work as a poison or medicine. Ancient Hindu scriptures have the mention of this natural principle.

Hahnemann observed Homeopathy works particularly as per these natural principles.

Some Natural Homeopathy Examples:

  • Run water over the onions as you cut them is a common example. Some people may get nose burn during the process. In general, the patient of Hay fever have the symptoms of watery eyes and nose burn. As per the law of similars, the Homeopathic remedy prepared from onions cures these symptoms provided that it matches with the symptoms in a Homeopathic way.
  • Bee-stung is another well-known example of this effect. The person suffers from redness, stinging pain, swelling and intense burning after a bee bite. The Homeopathic remedy ‘Apis Mellifica’, prepared from a Honeybee poison acts on similar symptoms.
  • One may get symptoms like projectile vomiting, severe indigestion, constipation etc. after Strychnine poisoning. The Homeopathic remedy prepared from the dilution of Strychnine is capable of curing similar symptoms.

Homeopathy definition explainedHomeopathic definition of health is nothing but a balance of internal forces. A person becomes sick once this equilibrium fails. In his second aphorism, Hahnemman has explained the highest ideal of cure. As per aphorism, the Homeopathic cure is a permanent restoration of health or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent. As per Homeopathic doctrine, the Homeopathic medicine helps to regain this natural balance and thereby restores health.

The science of Homeopathy originated and prospered in Germany. There is no alternative and the appropriate word describing this science in ancient Indian languages. Homeopathy meaning in Marathi often given as Smchikitsa. Similarly, the Homeopathy meaning in Hindi is also Smchikitsa. 

Exploring the science of Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy worksYou may wonder Homeopathic physician asking about you along with disease symptoms. Same is true for an online homeopathic expert. This is nothing but his genuine attempt to know more about you. It helps him to find a Homeopathic remedy suitable for you.

There are thousands of Homeopathic remedies available in various potencies. The Art of Homeopathy lies in prescribing the most matching remedy.

Above mentioned Homeopathy examples might have given you some idea. Homeopathy cherishes treatment to the patient as a whole not merely his symptoms. Hence, along with disease symptoms, other aspects of a patient are taken into consideration. Below is the list of some notable aspects:

  • Physical constitution
  • Moral character
  • Intellectual character
  • Occupation
  • Mode of living
  • Personal habits
  • Social relations
  • Patient age
  • Sexual functions
  • Response to previous treatment if any

Homeopathy meaning explained in aphorisms

Homeopathy aphorismsDr. Samuel Hahnemann is the Father of Homeopathic Principles. He explained these principles in a concise and memorable form. These forms are termed as aphorisms. Aphorism stands for ‘distinct’ or ‘defining’ principle.

Homeopathy meaning and Homeopathy definition can be well understood by reading these aphorisms. The Organon of Medicine is the best compilation of aphorisms quoted by Hahnemann. He revised this book multiple times with various titles.

Aphorisms answer the most critical question, ‘What is Homeopathy and how does it works?’. You may wonder how minuscule medicine keeps healing potential.

Hahnemann tries to explain Homeopathy meaning in the 25th aphorism. Not to mention, these aphorisms are nothing but his genuine observations.

“Now, however, in all careful trials, pure experience, the sole and infallible oracle of the healing art, teaches us that actually that medicine which, in its action on the healthy human body, has demonstrated its power of producing the greatest number of symptoms similar to those observable in the case of disease under treatment, does also, in doses of suitable potency and attenuation, rapidly, radically and permanently remove the totality of the symptoms of this morbid state, that is to say, the whole disease present, and change it into health; and that all medicines cure, without exception, those diseases whose symptoms most nearly resemble their own, and leave none of them uncured.”

Homeopathy works according to above-mentioned aphorism.

Homeopathic Definition of Health

Homeopathy meaning restoring Vital forceThe doctrine of Homeopathy assumes health as the harmony of inner forces. The acting Vital force is the true reason for the livelihood of each organism.

Homeopathic definition of health is nothing but a balance of inner Vital force. The external influences do not impact health as long as this equilibrium is maintained. Let we explore this with a hypothetical example:

Let’s assume all five members of a family ate ice-cream. However, only one of them suffered from pharyngitis.

In above example, all five members were exposed to external influence. We may conclude the one who got sick, not due to ice-cream but because of imbalance of inner Vital force.

The aphorism 16 talks about the relation between Vital force and health.

“Our vital force, as a spirit-like dynamis, cannot be attacked and affected by injurious influences on the healthy organism caused by the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life”

The central idea of Homeopathy meaning revolves around re-instating Vital force. Hahnemann found the minuscule of drug substance, be it under extreme dilution, help to regain the equilibrium with its dynamic abilities.

The concept of disease in Homeopathy

Homeopathy Meaning explainedAs per Homeopathy doctrine, a disease is a disturbance of interrelation that exists between body and vital force. The disturbance may be at physical, mental or both levels. The disarrangement leads to disease conducive condition turning particular individual more susceptible.

It is important to realize, the concept of disease in Homeopathy makes external disease-causing forces secondary. In other words, the significance of deranged Vital force is more important than disease-causing agents likes bacteria /virus/ fungi etc.

As explained in Homeopathy meaning, Homeopathy medicine restores the lost balance with minuscule dosages. In his 16th aphorism, Hahnemann mentioned as below:

“…it is only by their dynamic action on the vital force that remedies are able to re-establish and do actually re-establish health and vital harmony, after the changes in the health of the patient cognizable by our senses (the totality of the symptoms) have revealed the disease to the carefully observing and investigating physician as fully as was requisite in order to enable him to cure it.

How Homeopathy worksImportant Points you must know about Homeopathy treatment

This brief description would help you to understand true Homeopathy meaning. Below is the list of some important points that we think you should know.

  • Homeopathy exists since 18th century. Samuel Hahnemann proposed this science and methodology
  • In the first place, there is a documentary evidence of its benefits. As a matter of fact, the forefathers cured a number of disorders with the help of this science.
  • Homeopathy is popular in many countries. Thousands of people certainly believe in it. But, some groups indeed doubt its efficacy
  • The sugar pill is a well-known vehicle of Homeopathic remedy administration
  • Homeopathic remedies, in particular, are an extreme dilution of various chemicals or poisons. Dilution mechanism, in general, removes harmful part of substance and shaking, enhances its medicinal properties.
  • Homeopathy considers a person as a whole while defining his treatment. Hence, along with his disease symptoms, knowledge of certain personal aspects is equally important
  • In other words, information regarding dreams or likes/dislikes of a person is as important as his laboratory reports are
  • There are well-qualified, licensed Homeopathic experts available in a number of countries even online
  • Each expert has his own idea of selecting similimum. Even prescription of well-experienced experts may differ.
  • Efficacy of Homeopathic medicines is an eternal debate. It simply fails to establish current conclusive norms of clinical trials.
  • Individualization may be one of the reasons for the failure of Homeopathic Clinical trials. Homeopathy works for each individual differently. For example, the remedy that cured headache of one person may not cure headache of another person.
  • By questioning efficacy, many people deny the very idea of Homeopathy meaning. According to them, Homeopathic definition, its framework or the very foundation is a lie
  • Hence, ‘Homeopathy works or not?’ would be well-understood by meeting a person who has truly benefited from Homeopathic treatment
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