Homeopathy: What goes into Homeopathy treatment? How does it work?

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Bach Flower Remedies:

In 1900, Edward Bach used remedies prepared from 38 flowers. He believed that negative emotions affect our physical health. All 38 flower remedies rebalance emotions. Since emotions are taken care of, the body eventually returns to health.

Homeopathy bach flowerBach flower and similar flower remedies are safe and non-toxic. Hence, they are suitable for all kinds of patients. These remedies look like Homeopathic medicines. However, they control the emotions by directly controlling them.





Schuessler’s Tissue Salt:

A German Physician named Schussler’ prepared these tissue salts. They are also termed as Biochemic remedies. The founder, Schussler found that 12 Biochemic remedies. He believed that the deficiency of one or more salts in the body is the actual reason for disease.  Usually, 6 X or 12 X potencies preferred for Biochemic Salts.

schussler-biochemic HomeopathyCompared to other Homeopathic medicines, tissue salts have limited sphere of action. Low potency Biochemic medicines may not act deeply to impact chronic disorders. The Homeopathic medicines easily take care of the shortcomings of Biochemic medicines.

The combination of these 12 salts can be effectively used in the treatment of various disorders. Many times expert prescribe these salts for couple of months to treat chronic illnesses.




Nutritional Therapy:

Nutrition HomeopathyNutrition is the major factor for maintaining growth and good health. Lack of adequate nutrition often makes an individual susceptible to various infections and disorders. Even mental problems like mood swings or depression are associated with nutrition.

Compared to Homeopathy, nutrition supplements treat illnesses superficially. People with ‘adequate diet’ may suffer from nutritional deficiencies. Poor absorption or metabolism may be the reason for it. Homeopathy easily rectifies such situations.




Naturopathy HomeopathyNaturopathy approach includes therapies like diet, exercise, fresh air, pure water, sunshine, and massage. Nowadays it may include other therapies such as herbs, homeopathy, supplements, flower remedies, energy work, massage, aromatherapy, and more. It depends upon the preference of Naturopath which approach he would like to follow. The overall motive is to secure health with the help of drugless approaches.




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