Homeopathy: What goes into Homeopathy treatment? How does it work?

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Success Stories of Homeopathy

1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic:

During 1918, Spanish flu epidemic killed 22 million people worldwide. In the United States, over 500000 people died due to the outbreak of Spanish flu. Surprisingly, more than 80% people who received Homeopathy medicine survived from a deadly epidemic.

Historical records show it was a Homeopathy medicine prepared from the poison of rattlesnake worked wonder for many. It saved hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone.

1860 to 1900 Cholera and Typhus Epidemics

More than 50% of people survived from Cholera and Typhus fever epidemics. Compared to conventional therapies these results were astounding.

1813 Epidemic of Typhus in Leipzig

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, treated 180 cases of Typhus fever. He lost only 2 cases. He could save remaining cases with the help of Homeopathy medicine. The conventional treatment had a mortality rate of 30% during the same epidemic.

1849 Cholera Epidemic in Cincinnati

The patient’s who received Homeopathy treatment had the survival rate of 97%. On the contrary, conventional treatment had a survival rate of 40 to 52%.

1831 Cholera Epidemic in Europe

During the 1831-1831 Cholera epidemic in Europe, the mortality rate with conventional medicine was between 40-80%. On the contrary, the mortality rate was 7 to 10% in Homeopathy hospitals. Interestingly, the law which forbade the use of Homeopathy in Austria was repealed based on the success of Homeopathy in the Cholera epidemic.

1878 New Orleans Yellow Fever

During Yellow Fever epidemic, conventional medicine had a mortality rate around 50%. On the contrary, Homeopathy successfully treated a number of cases with a mortality rate as low as 5.6%.

The historical records show Homeopathy emerged successful science compared to contemporary medicine.

What can one accomplish from Homeopathy?

Above are few examples from historical records. A countless number of patients found Homeopathy as a scientific way for curing or mitigating their problem. Moreover, the horizon of Homeopathic medicine is surely broader than the conventional medicine. To put it differently, diseases for which there is no perfect curative treatment available in conventional medicine, Homeopathy may rescue.

Below is the list of benefits Homeopathy can provide:
  • First Aid: Like modern medicine, the First aid remedies are available in Homeopathy. There are various preparations available for cuts, injuries, burns or sprains. For example Calendula ointment
  • The care for acute disorders: The Homeopathy is useful in treating acute disorders too. Various remedies are useful in treating common cold, flu, wounds or fevers etc.
  • Chronic disorders: Chronic disorders are best treated with the help of Homeopathy. Many disorders yet amenable to conventional medicines. Many of them taken care with the help of Homeopathy.
  • Prevention: Homeopathic medicines can also be used in preventing illnesses. Historical records of few epidemic outbreaks show certain Homeopathic remedies helped in preventing illnesses. Either these medicines prevent the disease or minimize its severity. In future, widespread use of Homeopathic medicines would gather enough evidence for this aspect.

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