Homeopathy: What goes into Homeopathy treatment? How does it work?

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How does Homeopathy Cure the illness?

Body’s own response determines the fate or behavior of Homeopathy medicine. Owing to the traceability, one cannot plot its absorption, metabolism or elimination pathways.

Dr. Herring described the healing process with the help of 4 laws. These laws were derived from the observations of healing processes of the human body. The aim of any medicine is the cure for the disease. This is the true art of healing.

The perfection of the cure lies in restoring health in a prompt, mild and permanent manner.

 Four Laws of Homeopathic Healing
  1. First Law: From Above Downwards“: This law states the direction of cure begins from above downwards. The healing notably occurs in the upper body parts. It then migrates in low lying body parts. For example, if Homeopathy medicine prescribed for generalized urticaria, then facial rash or rash present on upper chest region would fade first compared to thigh or legs.
  2. Second Law: “From within outwards“: This law states that if cure happens due to the Homeopathic medicine, then the curing or healing process initiates in the deepest part of the body. It, later on, spreads in outside parts. With this in mind, Homeopathy doctor would judge the behavior of Homeopathy medicine.
  3. Third Law: “From a more important organ to a less one“: The healing process according to this law of cure is body’s inherent response to secure inner and vital organs first. If healing initiates in deeper parts of the human body then it indicates the body has gained required stimulus for the cure. Additionally, it helps Homeopathy doctor to stop, repeat or increase the Homeopathy medicine and its potency.
  4. Fourth Law: “In the reverse order of their coming“: As per this law symptoms heal as per reverse chronological order. In other words, the occurrence of symptoms vanishes in the reverse order of their coming. The recent or newer ones heal first. One requires good observational skill to mark this kind of healing especially recent symptoms were located on the skin. Obviously, healing itself guides Homeopathy doctor when to prescribe and when to stop.

Genuine Cure: The Primary Objective of Homeopathy Medicine

The patient seeks medical intervention when he suffers from unpleasant symptoms. His lack of comfort or lack of vanity should be the primary focus of medical approach.

Homeopathy cherishes genuine cure rather than palliation. Many times, experts may be tempted to target the easiest way of palliation. However, undue suppression of disease symptoms may conversely impact patient’s health in future.

Disease symptoms impact patient as a whole. One may have physical, mental or mixed types of symptoms.  The restoration of patient’s health is the primary objective of Homeopathy.

Above described 4 laws are precious to each Homeopathy doctor. The healing process abiding by any of the four laws provide the compass for treating physician. Homeopathy works wonder provided ideal similimum is administered in a required potency.

The true Homeopathy doctor knows genuine cure with a certainty. His knowledge and experience strengthen his battle against disease symptoms. Based on careful observations he may decide if the remedy is well-chosen or not. However, at extreme stages of a disease, he may prefer palliation. For example, for the initial stage of cancer, he would prefer genuine cure. However, the stage where metastasis happened to multiple organs, he would aim for palliation.

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