Homeopathy: What goes into Homeopathy treatment? How does it work?

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What is the focus of Homeopathy Treatment?

Minimizing harms caused by the contemporary medicine was the prime focus of the Homeopathy. Naturally, the founder appreciated introducing the minimal dose of a drug substance with maximum impact. Obviously, to execute optimum response, the medicine has to be worked on a dynamic level. Fortunately, the methods of supreme dilution and potentization found achieving the aim.

Hahnemann tested a number of drug substances. He did his initial experiments on himself. He involved his near and dear ones and compared the results. Together, they formed a network of vital information which still provides a clue to achieve similimum.

There are 4 cardinal principles of Homeopathy. Together, they achieve the prime focus of Homeopathy. Let’s see what is the prime focus of Homeopathy.
  1. Avoiding administration of multiple drug substances no matter what kind of symptoms available at a given time
  2. Minimizing quantity or dose of medicinal substance
  3. Empowering remedy to cover all kinds of symptoms at a given time
  4. Retaining and enhancing medicinal powers of drug substance at extreme level of dilution

Understanding 4 cardinal principles of Homeopathy

The Basic Principles of Homeopathy

The 4 cardinal principles of Homeopathy treatment as below.

  • Administration of a Single Remedy:

In classical Homeopathy, only a Single Remedy is selected for the totality of the symptoms. Naturally, this process achieves the prime focus of Homeopathy by avoiding the use of multiple drug substance. A Single Remedy is sufficient to take care of totality of symptoms. Obviously, it must be the ideal similimum for achieving the desired response.

  • Administering minuscule quantity of a Single Remedy:

Ideally, a single dose of ideal remedy achieves the target. Only a minuscule of the quantity administered works the wonder. A drug substance is diluted to the extremes. It is almost impossible to trace the remains of drug substance in medicinal preparation. Just think about the poison property of a drug in a preparation where drug substance itself untraceable.

  • Enhancing the effect of minuscule quantity of a Single Remedy:

Usually, the potentized form of the Single Remedy administered. The process of potentization adds dynamic value to the medical substance. As a result, the remedy penetrates deeper into the body system. The efficacy of chosen remedy increases. Equally, its effect lasts longer.

  • Evaluation based selection of a Single Remedy:

In order to find the ideal remedy, one needs to understand the patient as a whole. For the purpose of deciding the ideal match, various repertories examined. All symptoms are collated. Peculiarities noted. The totality of physical and mental symptoms taken into consideration. Generalities noted.

Overall patients totality of symptoms verified against the ideal hits mentioned in repertory. There are a number of repertories available for finding similimum. Nowadays, some Homeopathic softwares do the job. However, arriving at final selection is the key skill of a Homeopathy physician. Ideally, the selection process follows the motto of Like cures like.

Behavior of Homeopathic drug after administration

Homeopathy remedy preparedIt is important for Homeopathy doctor to take follow up of his patient. Usually, initial visit needs understanding a patient as a whole. Consecutive follow-ups should focus on understanding remedy behavior. The Homeopathy doctor may stop, change or continue with an initial prescription.

There are 3 probabilities associated with Homeopathy prescription:

  1. The prescription would be accurate similimum and follows one of the laws of cure
  2. The prescription would not be accurate similimum
  3. It may turn out as a partial similimum. It may follow one of the laws of cure. However, it will not last long or end up with providing partial benefits.
Ideal Match

Naturally, those who receive accurate similimum believe Homeopathy works. And in many cases, it would not take a longer time to get signs of the cure. But the remedy should be the ideal match in the first place.

No Ideal Match

What if the administered Homeopathic medicine is not ideal match?

Obviously, here comes the prime focus of the Homeopathy. The very foundation of Homeopathy is to avoid side effects caused by the medicines. In fact, this is the reason why Homeopathy came into existence. The administered Homeopathy remedy is a minuscule of the original drug substance. It has gone through extreme levels of dilution and potentization process. Obviously, it doesn’t carry the dosage which would cause side-effect or toxicity. In fact, the drug substance remaining in the remedy is untraceable. Hence, chances of getting Homeopathy side effects are nearly null.

At this moment, Homeopathy is practiced in different regions of the world. The countries like India, where millions are living and endorsing Homeopathy as a mainstream approach. Additionally, there are regions where Homeopathy is thriving for more than 2 centuries. In conclusion, there are many who are prescribed with the Homeopathy medicines. However, you will rarely find an example which could truly establish Homeopathy side effects.

Often worsening of disease symptoms due to the natural course of disease may be misinterpreted as a side effect.

In conclusion, the Homeopathy remedy, if not ideal similimum, would just go away without harming. Believe or not, considering complexities of finding ideally matching remedy, more than 90% of Homeopathy prescription can be categorized in this class.

Partial Match

It is important to realize that one may get more than one remedies looking similar to the patient’s picture. Indeed, the remedy that scores high may not be the ideal match or similimum.

Its experience and the genius of the Homeopathy doctor who selects the ideal remedy.

Still, it has been observed that such remedies work and benefit to some extent. One may notice lowering frequency or intensity of the disease symptoms after administration of the Homeopathic remedy.

To put it another way, partial match Homeopathy medicine works a bit but does not cure the underlying disorder as a whole.

Owing to the traceability of Homeopathy medicine inside the human body, one has to rely only on symptoms. The symptoms expressed by the human body are genuine expressions of the deranged vital force. Unlike modern medicine, we could not plot drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination curves.

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