Homeopathy: What goes into Homeopathy treatment? How does it work?

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Homeopathy or Homoeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine. ‘Homoeo’ means similar and ‘Pathos’ means sickness. You must have witnessed someone taking Homeopathic pellets. The small, white colored and sweet Homeopathic pills is a point of curiosity for many ones. Someone may ask curiously, “Why the same pills for all kinds of disorders?”. Let us see exactly what goes into Homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy or Homoeopathy Definition:

Homoeopathy or Homeopathy is a medicinal science in which remedies having minuscule of medicinal substance are prescribed to cure the illnesses which otherwise can be evoked by the same remedies if consumed in larger doses.
Homeopathy or Homoeopathy Definition

One may wonder and ask: Are they prescribing poisons?

The answer is true to a larger extent. In fact, each substance is a medicine or a poison. Its the consumed quantity that determines its fate. One has to keep this principle in mind while studying any branch of medicine.

We know the method of dilution removes poison part of a substance. In Homoeopathy, all drug substances, be it poison or not are diluted to its extreme limits. Eventually, the dreadful poisonous properties vanish.

Dr. Sammuel Hahnemann is a founder of Homeopathy. He discovered Homeopathy in the 18th century. In fact, he was deeply impacted by all kinds of side effects caused by the contemporary medicines. Hence he volunteered to stop such medicine induced ‘ills’ and experimented with various chemicals. Interestingly, he found that, at extreme dilution stage, although drug substance loses its poison property, it retains its medicinal property. Additionally, he observed that even at extreme limits of dilution such medicinal properties can be enhanced.

Does Really Like Cure Like?

“Like cures, the like” is the basic foundation of Homeopathy. The substance which causes the disease is capable of curing it. Only quantity and the method of preparation matter.

Homeopathy Law of Similars

Our body produces symptoms in response to  a disease. Under specific conditions, it is also capable of curing these symptoms. Be it pain, allergy, infection, fever, or wound, our body knows the way to rehabilitate itself. However, it is also true that it may forget or fail to produce the needed response.

For example one gets hurt but after a certain period, his pain minimizes. In like manner, wounds gradually heal. Some fevers automatically disappear. Bones reform and unite again. Likewise, inflammations subside. There are a bunch of examples available to understand body’s own curative mechanism.

Prescribing Homeopathic remedy is like helping our body to execute its inherent curative response. Inherent medical properties of drug substances are active even at extreme dilution status. Additionally, they help in enhancing body’s inherent defense mechanics.

Hahnemann observed a unique and strange thing about the response of the body. Only certain drug substances could enhance its curative mechanism. Only certain drug substances cured the disease symptoms. Interestingly, the same drugs have produced similar disease symptoms when they tested in healthy humans. He arrived at the vital conclusion. The likes cure the like.

Hahnemann also discovered the unique method of drug potentization. He found that potentized medicinal drug substance acting more deeply and effectively.

Drug potentization is also termed as drug succussion. The ‘succussion’ means ‘shaking’. With the help of succussion method, Hahnemann could cure a number of disorders in his career.

A person who has received ideal Homeopathic ‘Similimum’, would undoubtfully agree, the law, “Like Cures Like”. He would be the best available evidence to end any sort of criticism.

What goes into Homeopathy treatment?

In particular, your ‘Similimum’ is your ideal Homeopathic prescription. This is how Classical-Homeopathy practitioner would like to prescribe. Unlike other medical sciences, he would not arrange different medicines for different symptoms. On the contrary, he would consider ‘totality of your symptoms’ to prescribe for you.

homeopathy-therapy homeopathy treatment

There are thousands of remedies described in details in available Homeopathic literature. Comparatively, many drug substances would look similar in body behavior. To put it differently, one may get confused in selecting ideal medicine as all look behaving same in their descriptions.


Its the knowledge, experience and the genius of the Homeopathy expert, who could identify your exact ‘similimum’ from these thousands of medicines.


Below are some pathways to reach your ideal ‘similimum’ commonly used to find Homeopathy Similimum.

  1. Your Current Disease Symptoms + Your Personal Characteristics = Your Homeopathic Similimum
  2. Your Current Disease Symptoms + Your Peculiar Symptoms = Your Homeopathic Similimum
  3. Inherent Personal Characteristics + Your Peculiar Symptoms = Your Constitutional Similimum
  4. Strong Peculiar Symptom = Your Constitutional Similimum (provided that your Personal Characteristics do not go against common nature of particular remedy)

The collation of your symptoms is the easier thing. However, weighing each symptom is the real task. In fact, he who knows the behavior of drug and potency would succeed in weighing the symptoms correctly.

It is an art for Homeopathy practitioner to understand the totality of symptoms. Obviously, reporting of symptoms and other details by a patient and his relatives add value in deciding ideal prescription.

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