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Homeopathy Clinic Online is truly a ray of hope for many chronic disorders. The concept of ‘Homeopathic Doctor Online helps you to find a Homeopathy physician at your doorstep.

Exactly What is Diseased? The Mind or Body

Homeopathy is evolved at the end of 18 th century. Bloodletting and purging like practices were common in the medical stream during that era. Curing, many times was an act of causing. No scientific evidence for planning the treatments. No prior verification of the medicinal substances. Obviously, not to mention here, people many times suffered because of medicinal methods rather than a disease itself.

Homoeopathic doctor onlineSamuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy, rejected such practices. He believed in curing the disorders but causing no harm. He advocated the use of a single remedy for curing all kinds of symptoms. Additionally, he practically revealed how to obtain the desired result with the use of a minimal quantity of a drug.

Unlike other medical sciences, he proposed its the ‘Vital force’ which is actually diseased one. Symptoms are a mere presentation of deranged ‘Vital force’. Hence, the cure, or the final aim of any medicinal logic, resides in regaining the normal arrangement of this force.

The very foundation of Homeopathy truly makes the sense. After all, it answers the common question “Why the sickness happens to someone special despite the many ones were exposed to similar conditions?”. And, this is our day to day experience. All ate same ice cream, but only particular individual suffered from throat pain. All trapped in an epidemic of viral fever, but only particular individual caught the infection.

These particular individuals had their ‘Vital force’ deranged a bit prior to the exposure.

Naturally, if someone has to treat such individuals, then he should be aiming the root cause. Only, Homeopathy is the science which talks about regaining the normal state of inner supreme force.

Homeopathy Clinic Online: What it aims for?

The primary aim of each Homeopathy Clinic is to re-establish the balance of Vital force. Comparatively other branches of medicine mainly aim for either curing imbalanced physiology of body or abnormal state of mind. Not to mention here, the approach seems superficial. Before we discuss the concept of Homeopathic doctor online, we will try to understand foundations of true Homeopathic Clinic.

Online Homeopathy ClinicLet we discuss this concept with an example. In case of Ayurveda and Yoga, balancing Vata-Pitta-Kafa stands the main goal. All these entities of a living being have defined locations in the body. Similarly, Modern Medicine aims for treating abnormal pathologies. These abnormal pathologies have defined locations in a living body. Practically, Homeopathy targets the inner core which is the actual cause or origin of a disorder i.e. Vital Force. Yoga, the branch of Ayurveda, has the similar approach to balance the inner core i.e. Soul or Self.

Comparatively, Yoga and Homeopathy approaches are capable to treat chronic deep rooted illnesses very effectively.

One requires a large amount of patience and determination to gain health and other benefits of Yoga. Yama and Niyama are the basic foundations of Yoga. One can not expect actual fruits without adhering to Yama and Niyama. Our current lifestyle and an unquenchable thirst for material success would be the major obstacles. Hence, chances of getting early health benefits are far for many when they start practicing Yoga.

That’s why we have only the science of Homeopathy, which would help us to achieve desired gains probably in a short time and with minimal efforts. True Homeopathy Clinic aims to re-establish the normal status of Vital Force in a living being. Its the same for Homeopathic Clinic Online too.

The Primary Focus of Homeopathic Doctor Online

Unlike Modern Medicine, ancient sciences believe in the importance of knowing a patient as a whole. Hence, in Ayurvedic Clinic the physician may ask you the questions which may seem irrelevant to the underlying disorder. Such questions many times are focused to understand the Prakruti of a person as an individual. Such kind of detailing helps in identifying imbalanced Doshas. Not to mention here, the strategy adds value in planning the prescriptions, dosing etc.

Online Homeopathic DoctorSimilarly, in Homeopathy Clinic, the physician would try to know more about the patient. He/She even might be interested to know more about patients surroundings, family relations, and such many things. Maybe his questions would seem irrelevant as far as patient’s disorder is concerned. However, these striking questions help him to arrive at the perfect remedy and planning treatment regimens.

Let us see below few hypothetical examples:

  • A patient visiting Homeopathy clinic had a chronic skin allergy. He tried various medicines without results. He was astonished when Homeopathic doctor online asked him regarding his habit of covering himself while sleeping. Obviously, he considered this question as irrelevant to his disorder.
  • A child was suffering from childhood asthma. His parents presented his case the Homeopathic Clinic Online since no medicine ever helped the child. Homeopathic doctor online, while case taking asked the question to the mother, regarding regular dreams which she had during pregnancy. Obviously, parents considered this question as irrelevant

Not to mention, the strategy of a Homeopathic doctor online is to know more about the patient as a whole. In fact, such kind of information would prove crucial for him to arrive at his best remedy.

Why the concept of Homeopathy Clinic Online?

There are multiple benefits one can achieve by consulting the Homeopathic doctor online. Time, money and presenting the case with a comfort are the major ones. In addition to that, the method, although still in a nutshell, very much aligns with the described science of Homeopathy.

Below are few reasons why the Homeopathy Clinic Online follows the principles of Classical Homeopathy:

  • It allows maximum comfort to the patient or his relatives since they do not have to travel to visit Homeopathy clinic. Not to mention here, the comfort adds value in case presentation and thereby in prescribing.
  • The patient can well prepare himself to present his case. Be it collation of his medical data or striking points in patient notes, he can present well in a cool and comfortable way. This surely helps Homeopathic doctor online to review the case and patient as a whole.
  • Classical Homeopathy values patient other characteristics equally important as his symptoms, laboratory parameters, and clinical signs. And, Homeopathy Clinic Online surely does it very well by collecting patient case details.
  • Additionally, Homeopathy Clinic Online offers a gateway which helps the Homeopathy doctor online and patient to have multiple meetings or follow-ups. This surely deepens the understanding of a case.
  • Homeopathy Clinic Online also offers a vital tool which helps homeopathy doctor online. It enables patient data collation profoundly. Homeopathic doctor online can collect striking clues of a case from neonates, bedridden patients or even comatose people.

How is remedy selected in Classical Homeopathy Clinic?

We are not sure when and how first living being came into existence. However, logically we can say, different disorders came into existence since the life evolved on our planet. Shreds of evidence of Ayurveda and Yoga can be traced back in the past thousand years. Comparatively, Homeopathy is a juvenile medical approach.

Dr. Sandip's Homeopathy Clinic OnlinePractically, what has happened to a patient decides the drug in medical branches other than Homeopathy. Diagnosis of the underlying disorder remains the mainstay while regimen planning. Obviously, all these medical branches follow the unique methodology. In short, its the disease itself that largely determines the therapy. On the contrary, while deciding Homeopathic medicine, along with symptoms, various factors of a patient are taken into consideration. What’s the nature of a patient? What are his habits? His likes-dislikes, his aggravations-ameliorations etc.

Is it that easier?

Obviously no. The collection of symptoms and unique characteristics of a patient is a difficult task. For example, when asked about likes and dislikes of taste someone may struggle to decide between sweet and spicy. If asked about nature, someone could not judge whether he is kind or jealous. In such scenarios, where the patient finds difficulty in deciding, not to mention here the bigger challenge the physician would face.

In conclusion, collating the patient’s data is a daunting task. As a matter of fact, the experience and thorough knowledge of physician play the important role. Additionally, it largely depends upon the skill of physician practicing in Homeopathy clinic. In like manner, its the same for the Homeopathic doctor online practicing via Homeopathy clinic online.

The future of Homeopathy Clinic Online

The advent of the internet has webbed this world in a small village. Technology has affected each aspect of human life. The outbreak of information has nearly transformed human life. Not to mention, the medical sector is on the top list in this global phenomenon.

Homeopathy Clinic OnlineNew therapies, new investigation methodologies, and new inventions in medical sector have stretched human life expectancy. Additionally, there are thousands in the experimental stage. Telemedicine is one of the new arrivals on this list. Presence of virtual doctor in your home will certainly help in preserving and regaining health.

The use of telemedicine concept for establishing Homeopathy clinic online still in nutshell. Comparatively, very few countries advocated the practicing of Homeopathy. Not to mention here, Homeopathy is cherished where it is religiously practiced. Unfortunately, some regions are against this wonderful medical science. We will discuss the reasons behind in another article. However, below are few points which would have the positive impact due to Homeopathy Clinic Online.

  • The spread of Homeopathy as an alternative health solution
  • Increasing awareness about the benefits of Homeopathy
  • Present your case in a home comfort
  • Meet qualified and leading Homeopathy practitioner, ‘Face-to-face’ online
  • Save your time, energy and money
  • Virtual ‘One on one’ meetings with your family members
  • Virtual ‘Family together’ meetings with the Homeopathic doctor online

How would Homeopathy Clinic Online help to spread alternative health solution?

Homeopathy is always regarded as the alternative solution in the past. Many times after encountering limitations of various medicines people would try to find a way out. For some individuals, the advertisement of ‘No side effects’ turned positive. Some knocked the doors of Homeopathy clinic after reading some insights of this science. Few arrived after hearing about the results while few came via referrals.

Dr. Sandip's Homeopathic Clinic OnlineAnd what about the current situation? I am glad to write here, there is a stratum to whom Homeopathy clinic is the first choice to encounter the sickness. Its increasing day by day. Some are satisfied with the results, some find the ray of hope when other doors were closed. Few liked the interaction with Homeopathic physician and few perceived it as a solution for reviving health and life. Not to mention here, the kids, they are the ones whom only the taste of Homeopathic medicine worked the wonders.

Homeopathy clinic online focuses to achieve the same reputation. Simply by crossing your doorsteps and virtually meeting with you!

How would Homeopathy Clinic Online help to increase Homeopathy Awareness?

We are living in an information age. Yet, there are many who do not know Homeopathy as a unique way of treatment based on scientific facts. Many ones are unaware of the Homeopathy remedy provings were like individual clinical trials. In short, there are many ones who are unaware of what Homeopathy clinic stands for. We think, Homeopathy clinic online would help to minimize this gap.

Online Homoeopathy ClinicUnlike other medical sciences, Homeopathy has a different and unique approach. Be it individual case taking or prescribing, Homeopathy stands in its unique way. Commonly drops of Homeopathy remedies are added to sugar pellets. Many ones wonder, why and how Homeopathic physician prescribes them same medicine. However, this is not a true story. Sugar pellets are just vehicles. Externally they look alike but may carry drops o different Homeopathy medicine. That’s why although prescription of whole family members looks same, everyone would be treated with different remedy.

Homeopathic clinic online: Presenting your case with Home comfort

Good case taking is an important part of the consultation. No matter what medical approach you are presenting for. Describing your health details always help physicians to arrive at the conclusion. This vital exchange of information determines the fate of the therapy. Missing, hiding or forgetting to convey your health details may mislead the overall case. It is important to realize that case presentation is a two-way communication. Both parties, meaning healthcare provider and the patient should try their best to achieve desired goals.

Let us check 2 hypothetical scenarios.

  1. The patient was in a hurry. He had to attend an important meeting with a client. Hence he was little interested in presenting his case. The Homeopathy physician asked him about his well-being. He replied positively and he left the clinic with the same prescription.

In above scenario, the patient may forget to tell some important health information.

  1. The physician was in a hurry. He had to attend some important function. He asked his patient about his well-being. The patient was satisfied with the previous prescription. Not to mention, the physician prescribed the same remedy.

In above scenario, the physician may forget to ask some important health information.

In conclusion, both parties should devote sufficient time, interest and attention to achieve the favorable outcome of the consultation. Obviously, comfort plays an important role in this communication.

Homeopathy clinic online provides maximum comfort while case taking. Patient and his relatives would be at ease while providing health information. Not to mention, the Homeopathic doctor online would be at his own comfort in collating the health details.

‘Face to face’ meeting with Homeopathic physician online

‘A priest sees people at their best, a lawyer at their worst, but a doctor sees them as they really are’. A meeting with a doctor, although happening due to sickness, has a lot of enthusiasm and hope. It always goes like half of the illness is taken care for those who see the physician they believe in. When it comes to Homeopathy clinic, this enthusiasm and hopes are at its peak. Its the virtue of ‘face-to-face’ communication which opens the mind of the sick one.

Homeopathy clinic online provides the opportunity for ‘face-to-face’ communication. It offers the most secure and private subway to open your mind. It creates the pathway for a Homeopathy physician to pick the vital health details.

Homeopathy Clinic Online: Save your time, money and energy

Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli EastThe Internet has constricted this world in a small village. Virtual stores are now a reality. Buyers do not need to travel up to the shops to purchase commodities. Be it your favorite pizza or jeans, everything is available now at your fingertips. The same is true for the medical field. Telemedicine is helping the outreach of medical domain. Due to telemedicine technology, one can obtain medical guidance swiftly, cheaply and comfortably.

Homeopathic clinic online serves the same purpose. One can save his valuable time, money and energy by taking Online Homeopathic consultation from the Homeopathic doctor online. Although there are pros and cons associated with telemedicine technology itself, the concept of Homeopathy Clinic Online could be the first stepping stone in this decade.

Virtual ‘One-on-One’ meetings in Homeopathy Clinic Online

The medical information is always valued as supreme. It lays the way for diagnosing the underline disorder, judging its severity and planning the treatment. Missing on vital patient health details may be misleading. Additionally, it may result harming the patient rather than treating him.

Find Online Homeopathic DoctorIn short, it is always important to detail your doctor about everything that relates to diagnosis or treatment.

Unfortunately, a patient may avoid detailing doctor for a variety of reasons especially when information demands privacy or security. Such information demands strict privacy, be it is to be exchanged in clinic or hospital. The information may make patient shy away. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly patient may choose to hide his details. This missing information may cause failure for both parties.

As far as the Homeopathic clinic is concerned, the Homeopathy physician wants to know whole about the patient. Obviously, he may lose crucial details that may lead to finding exact similimum.

Homeopathy Clinic online overcomes this barrier. It provides the required amount of comfort and privacy. Naturally, the patient could open his mind without worry. Not to mention, this vital exchange of information may fasten the recovery. In case if required Homeopathic doctor online can ask questions related to such health information only for the sake of finding his exact similimum.

Virtual ‘Family-together’ meetings in Homeopathy Clinic Online

Many times patient’s close relatives or his friends may provide valuable input for his health. A doctor can know more about his patient by his close acquaintances. The details obtained from such people often help in diagnosing the patient and planning his regimen.

Homeopathy Clinic in DombivliIn our day to day life, a patient usually accompanied by one or two acquaintances when he visits Homeopathy clinic. Many times there is more information lies with other close people. Homeopathy clinic online breaches this gap. The Homeopathic doctor online virtually can meet with people surrounding the patient. The vital gathering of these details obviously helps him to arrive at similimum. In fact, he may meet each close relative one-on-one or with the whole family.

Homeopathy clinic online helps the Homeopathic doctor online in cross-checking patient information. The connect with surrounding people also helps to monitor the patient, monitor his treatment and other habits. The homeopathy clinic may act as a boon when the patient is bedridden or child.

Let us take one hypothetical example. The parents brought their child suffering from childhood asthma. They appeared in Homeopathy clinic when all possible measures turned failure. A Homeopathic doctor examined the child and prescribed Homeopathic medicine. One month passed by with no results. The child failed to respond. The prescribing Homeopathic physician decided to dive into further details. He wanted to know how the child behaves publicly in open atmosphere. Since parents never left their child alone, the Homeopathic physician wanted this answer from child’s teacher. Not to mention, Homeopathy clinic online helped his parents to have a ‘face-to-face’ communication between child’s teacher and the prescribing Homeopathic doctor online.

Hope you would have understood the benefits of the Homeopathy clinic online. We will be diving deep in this wonderful medical science in our forthcoming articles.

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