DMIT: Dermatoglyphics test for identifying innate abilities

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About multiple intelligence


The theory of multiple intelligence does not see intelligence as dominated by a single ability. It considers intelligence into different modalities. Multiple intelligence theory does not entitle learner to any specific intelligence type.


DMIT Dermatoglyphics TestAccording to Gardner, intelligence is a biopsychological potential. There are various cognitive abilities but there is no distinct relation between them. As per this theory, a child who learns to multiply easily is not necessarily more intelligent compared to the child who takes too much time to multiply.


There is a definite need for intelligence squared measures that value all modality types.


Sometimes multiple intelligence is seen as a pseudoscience because it lacks strong evidence.


To say nothing of, the DMIT Test is based on knowledge of neuroscience. The DMIT test also considers understandings of genetics, dermatoglyphics, psychology, and embryology. Dermatoglyphics test and its application have been accepted by a number of universities.  


DMIT test has various implications in the fields of psychology, anthropology, and medicine.


In short, DMIT test is an assessment of individual fingers with the help of the biometric device.


Benefits of DMIT test


Nowadays the DMIT test has received a positive response. In many studies, DMIT test results gained a positive response from respondents.

Enhance Your Inner Abilities From DMIT TestThere are many benefits one can receive from performing DMIT Test. So far, various academic institutions have used DMIT Test details to assess the inherent acumen of their students.

Below is the list of some major benefits one can achieve from DMIT test.

1 Enhancement of study skills

2 Enhancement of leadership skills

3 Career skills

4 Tapping different intelligences

5 Realigning education strategies

6 Designing instruction material

7 Learning by preferred style

8  Way of communication

9 Enhance inborn potential

10 Skill identification and intensification


DMIT can be instrumental in identifying all the brain functions of the child. It may also reveal the possible interests of the child for example whether the child is interested in dance or in swimming.


DMIT boosts child confidence. It defines a child’s learning and acquiring methods. It also builds a good relationship between the child and parents.


Dermatologics and mapping your hidden abilities


If someone’s potential doesn’t find conducive surroundings it would hardly develop to its maximum. By undergoing DMIT, one can create surrounding to improve such type of weaknesses. Dermatoglyphics helps to identify strengths and weaknesses.  


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test in Dombivli EastDermatoglyphics helps to improve your communication. It also helps to develop your interaction skills.


Additionally, dermatoglyphics may help in below areas.

1  Improving relations between parent and child

2  Improving marital relations

3  Improve emotional quotient and adversity quotient

4 Career guidance

5 Parent-child communication channels

6 Appropriate ways of learning

7 To explore the potential of employee (Recruiters)

8 Leadership styles

9 Job assessment, competency assessment

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