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Self Medication! Over the Counter (OTC Products)! Potential Risks for Chronic Insomnia Patients!!

Self Medication and Chronic InsomniaThe patients suffering from long-term disorder may tend to follow self-medication. This is true with chronic insomnia patients too. There are multiple OTC product available for insomnia. However, it is always important to use the medication for which safety and efficacy profiles are well established. Prescription use of insomnia medication is always recommended and should prevail for the safety.

Below is the list of some reasons for self-medication by the patients suffering from chronic insomnia.
  • Ignorance: This is the prominent reason for consumption of sleeping pills without medical advice. Generally, the person is ignorant about the medicine, its dose, side-effects etc. Unemployment, lack of education are another important considerations in this regard.
    The disorder of chronic insomnia is often associated with anxiety. Generally, sleeping pills cause calmness and relief. Hence, people tend to take sleeping pills without seeking medical advice. The ignorance about the disorder itself may be behind self-medication. Short-term insomnia often responds well to non-pharmacological strategies described above. Unfortunately, lack of awareness makes people jump for self-medication.
  • Cost: In developing nations medical insurance is not popularized yet. The cost of medical advice is the important reason behind self-medication in these countries. The poor and middle lower class individuals are more prone to self-medication.
  • Advertise: False advertisement by the manufacturers may be the reason for self-medication. It is not necessary that false advertisement happens only via manufacturers. Even mouth to mouth communication by the people themselves may spread self-medication. Continuing with old prescriptions or using the prescription to another patient are important aspects.
  • Busy Lifestyle: Sometimes people may avoid medical advice due to busy life schedules. They may continue with old prescription or jump on to take OTC products. Patients suffering from disorders like chronic insomnia may tend to avoid consultation.
  • Incurable Disorder: Limitations in curing chronic disorders is one of the major reasons for self-medication. People may avoid consultation when they get failure despite visiting different specialists. The cost of consultation may make them rely on previous prescriptions.
  • Dependence or Abuse: Drug dependence or abuse is the reason and impact of self-medication itself.
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