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Homeopathy Meaning ! Homeopathy Definition ! Exploring The Science of Cures !!

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Homeopathy meaning and its definition are explained in this article. Many people fail or ignore the true sense or significance of this wonderful health science. In fact, there is a well-established scientific method to treat underlying disorder without causing harm.

Homeopathy or Homoeopathy is a popular way of treating various health disorders. You may find a solution to your health disorder which otherwise thought to be amenable. We think exploring basic principles of Homeopathy would be a futuristic demand. This is very true as current medicines like antibiotics are gradually failing to act.

Homeopathy Meaning and Homeopathy Definition

Homeopathy definitionHomeopathy is the alternative medicine system in which diseases are treated by minuscule doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of similar diseases in healthy individuals.

The word ‘Homeo‘ is a combining form meaning “similar“. The founding principle of this alternative science is, ‘similia similibus curentur’.

The word Homoeopathy or Homeopathy was first coined by Dr. Samuael Hahnemann in 1796. Hahnemann propounded this unique way of treating diseases based on his doctrine of ‘like cures like‘. The principle certainly itself explains the true Homeopathy meaning.

The doctrine of ‘like cures like‘ was understood by Aristotle and Hippocrates too. However, Hahnemann was the first one who devised the unique methods of Homeopathic drug making. He defined the Law of Similars and its obvious use in the practice of medicine.

Every substance is a poison and a medicine too. Its the quantity of a substance that defines whether it will work as a poison or medicine. Ancient Hindu scriptures have the mention of this natural principle.

Hahnemann observed Homeopathy works particularly as per these natural principles.

Some Natural Homeopathy Examples:

  • Run water over the onions as you cut them is a common example. Some people may get nose burn during the process. In general, the patient of Hay fever have the symptoms of watery eyes and nose burn. As per the law of similars, the Homeopathic remedy prepared from onions cures these symptoms provided that it matches with the symptoms in a Homeopathic way.
  • Bee-stung is another well-known example of this effect. The person suffers from redness, stinging pain, swelling and intense burning after a bee bite. The Homeopathic remedy ‘Apis Mellifica’, prepared from a Honeybee poison acts on similar symptoms.
  • One may get symptoms like projectile vomiting, severe indigestion, constipation etc. after Strychnine poisoning. The Homeopathic remedy prepared from the dilution of Strychnine is capable of curing similar symptoms.

Homeopathy definition explainedHomeopathic definition of health is nothing but a balance of internal forces. A person becomes sick once this equilibrium fails. In his second aphorism, Hahnemman has explained the highest ideal of cure. As per aphorism, the Homeopathic cure is a permanent restoration of health or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent. As per Homeopathic doctrine, the Homeopathic medicine helps to regain this natural balance and thereby restores health.

The science of Homeopathy originated and prospered in Germany. There is no alternative and the appropriate word describing this science in ancient Indian languages. Homeopathy meaning in Marathi often given as Smchikitsa. Similarly, the Homeopathy meaning in Hindi is also Smchikitsa. 

Exploring the science of Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy worksYou may wonder Homeopathic physician asking about you along with disease symptoms. Same is true for an online homeopathic expert. This is nothing but his genuine attempt to know more about you. It helps him to find a Homeopathic remedy suitable for you.

There are thousands of Homeopathic remedies available in various potencies. The Art of Homeopathy lies in prescribing the most matching remedy.

Above mentioned Homeopathy examples might have given you some idea. Homeopathy cherishes treatment to the patient as a whole not merely his symptoms. Hence, along with disease symptoms, other aspects of a patient are taken into consideration. Below is the list of some notable aspects:

  • Physical constitution
  • Moral character
  • Intellectual character
  • Occupation
  • Mode of living
  • Personal habits
  • Social relations
  • Patient age
  • Sexual functions
  • Response to previous treatment if any

Homeopathy meaning explained in aphorisms

Homeopathy aphorismsDr. Samuel Hahnemann is the Father of Homeopathic Principles. He explained these principles in a concise and memorable form. These forms are termed as aphorisms. Aphorism stands for ‘distinct’ or ‘defining’ principle.

Homeopathy meaning and Homeopathy definition can be well understood by reading these aphorisms. The Organon of Medicine is the best compilation of aphorisms quoted by Hahnemann. He revised this book multiple times with various titles.

Aphorisms answer the most critical question, ‘What is Homeopathy and how does it works?’. You may wonder how minuscule medicine keeps healing potential.

Hahnemann tries to explain Homeopathy meaning in the 25th aphorism. Not to mention, these aphorisms are nothing but his genuine observations.

“Now, however, in all careful trials, pure experience, the sole and infallible oracle of the healing art, teaches us that actually that medicine which, in its action on the healthy human body, has demonstrated its power of producing the greatest number of symptoms similar to those observable in the case of disease under treatment, does also, in doses of suitable potency and attenuation, rapidly, radically and permanently remove the totality of the symptoms of this morbid state, that is to say, the whole disease present, and change it into health; and that all medicines cure, without exception, those diseases whose symptoms most nearly resemble their own, and leave none of them uncured.”

Homeopathy works according to above-mentioned aphorism.

Homeopathic Definition of Health

Homeopathy meaning restoring Vital forceThe doctrine of Homeopathy assumes health as the harmony of inner forces. The acting Vital force is the true reason for the livelihood of each organism.

Homeopathic definition of health is nothing but a balance of inner Vital force. The external influences do not impact health as long as this equilibrium is maintained. Let we explore this with a hypothetical example:

Let’s assume all five members of a family ate ice-cream. However, only one of them suffered from pharyngitis.

In above example, all five members were exposed to external influence. We may conclude the one who got sick, not due to ice-cream but because of imbalance of inner Vital force.

The aphorism 16 talks about the relation between Vital force and health.

“Our vital force, as a spirit-like dynamis, cannot be attacked and affected by injurious influences on the healthy organism caused by the external inimical forces that disturb the harmonious play of life”

The central idea of Homeopathy meaning revolves around re-instating Vital force. Hahnemann found the minuscule of drug substance, be it under extreme dilution, help to regain the equilibrium with its dynamic abilities.

The concept of disease in Homeopathy

Homeopathy Meaning explainedAs per Homeopathy doctrine, a disease is a disturbance of interrelation that exists between body and vital force. The disturbance may be at physical, mental or both levels. The disarrangement leads to disease conducive condition turning particular individual more susceptible.

It is important to realize, the concept of disease in Homeopathy makes external disease-causing forces secondary. In other words, the significance of deranged Vital force is more important than disease-causing agents likes bacteria /virus/ fungi etc.

As explained in Homeopathy meaning, Homeopathy medicine restores the lost balance with minuscule dosages. In his 16th aphorism, Hahnemann mentioned as below:

“…it is only by their dynamic action on the vital force that remedies are able to re-establish and do actually re-establish health and vital harmony, after the changes in the health of the patient cognizable by our senses (the totality of the symptoms) have revealed the disease to the carefully observing and investigating physician as fully as was requisite in order to enable him to cure it.

How Homeopathy worksImportant Points you must know about Homeopathy treatment

This brief description would help you to understand true Homeopathy meaning. Below is the list of some important points that we think you should know.

  • Homeopathy exists since 18th century. Samuel Hahnemann proposed this science and methodology
  • In the first place, there is a documentary evidence of its benefits. As a matter of fact, the forefathers cured a number of disorders with the help of this science.
  • Homeopathy is popular in many countries. Thousands of people certainly believe in it. But, some groups indeed doubt its efficacy
  • The sugar pill is a well-known vehicle of Homeopathic remedy administration
  • Homeopathic remedies, in particular, are an extreme dilution of various chemicals or poisons. Dilution mechanism, in general, removes harmful part of substance and shaking, enhances its medicinal properties.
  • Homeopathy considers a person as a whole while defining his treatment. Hence, along with his disease symptoms, knowledge of certain personal aspects is equally important
  • In other words, information regarding dreams or likes/dislikes of a person is as important as his laboratory reports are
  • There are well-qualified, licensed Homeopathic experts available in a number of countries even online
  • Each expert has his own idea of selecting similimum. Even prescription of well-experienced experts may differ.
  • Efficacy of Homeopathic medicines is an eternal debate. It simply fails to establish current conclusive norms of clinical trials.
  • Individualization may be one of the reasons for the failure of Homeopathic Clinical trials. Homeopathy works for each individual differently. For example, the remedy that cured headache of one person may not cure headache of another person.
  • By questioning efficacy, many people deny the very idea of Homeopathy meaning. According to them, Homeopathic definition, its framework or the very foundation is a lie
  • Hence, ‘Homeopathy works or not?’ would be well-understood by meeting a person who has truly benefited from Homeopathic treatment
Schussler cell salts Biochemic medicine

Biochemic Medicine: Schuessler’s Tissue Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts

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The biochemic medicine approach is prevalent for more than 2 centuries. Dr. Schuessler first identified 12 biochemic minerals present in every cell of human body. Read how he notably used them to cure various disorders. In general, these salts are also termed as Schuessler’s Tissue Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts or Cell Salts.

Balancing Your Biochemic Minerals

Dr. Schussler (1873) was a well-known homeopath. He found that there are 12 basic minerals which help tissue to function smoothly. The equilibrium of these minerals represents the health status of an individual.


Schuessler cell saltAny disorder, in fact, is the imbalance of these fundamental building blocks. Hence, he propounded the theory that in the first place, the disease is caused by the insufficiency of organic salts in the tissues/cells of the body and that the supply of these deficient salt(s) cures diseases.


Furthermore, Dr. Schussler concluded that maintaining the balance of these salts fosters tissue functioning. Dr. Schuessler believed that tissue imbalances could be corrected by easily absorbed and homeopathically-prepared, micro-doses of each salt.


A deficiency of any of these 12 salts obviously would lead to disorder. Moreover, such deficiency gives favorable environments to disease to settle in. For example bacterial growth. These cell salts balance the disturbance, in particular, happened at the cellular level. Since they are building blocks of a human body, Dr. Schussler believed each cell can come under the purview of them.


As a matter of fact, the low potency of these salts is preferred for use. Generally, 6X and 12X potency preferred for use. In fact, tissue salts are available in 1X, 2X, 6X, 12X and 30X potencies as a healing agent.


The method for preparing biochemic medicine is same as for Homeopathy. The biochemic medicine provides the missing nutrient to the human body.


In general, biochemic medicine is available in tablet format. You may chew biochemic medicine tablet.


What Makes Biochemic Medicine Ideal?

In fact, each biochemic medicine aims to provide fundamental nourishment. Indeed, the expert Homeopathic doctor use biochemic medicine judiciously. Additionally, they may form the best adjunct to Homeopathy medicine while prescribing.
schuessler 12 cell salts biochemic medicines
The expert Homeopathy doctor identifies the deficiency of minerals with attention to emerging symptoms. He prescribes these salts, especially in a required potency and doses. He may prefer single biochemic medicine or prescribe them in a combination.
By all means below some qualities of tissue salts that make them special for prescribing:
  • No bitterness in tasting
  • Safe for kids, pregnancy, and geriatrics
  • Natural ingredients
  • Non-addictive
  • Non-toxic
  • No side effects
  • Safe to use with prescription medicines
  • May Add value to Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Ayurvedic prescriptions
  • Suitable for acute and chronic disorders
  • Convenient storing
  • Convenient for carrying
  • Can be used in combinations
Homeopathy Homoeopathy

Homeopathy: What goes into Homeopathy treatment? How does it work?

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Homeopathy or Homoeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine. ‘Homoeo’ means similar and ‘Pathos’ means sickness. You must have witnessed someone taking Homeopathic pellets. The small, white colored and sweet Homeopathic pills is a point of curiosity for many ones. Someone may ask curiously, “Why the same pills for all kinds of disorders?”. Let us see exactly what goes into Homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy or Homoeopathy Definition:

Homoeopathy or Homeopathy is a medicinal science in which remedies having minuscule of medicinal substance are prescribed to cure the illnesses which otherwise can be evoked by the same remedies if consumed in larger doses.
Homeopathy or Homoeopathy Definition

One may wonder and ask: Are they prescribing poisons?

The answer is true to a larger extent. In fact, each substance is a medicine or a poison. Its the consumed quantity that determines its fate. One has to keep this principle in mind while studying any branch of medicine.

We know the method of dilution removes poison part of a substance. In Homoeopathy, all drug substances, be it poison or not are diluted to its extreme limits. Eventually, the dreadful poisonous properties vanish.

Dr. Sammuel Hahnemann is a founder of Homeopathy. He discovered Homeopathy in the 18th century. In fact, he was deeply impacted by all kinds of side effects caused by the contemporary medicines. Hence he volunteered to stop such medicine induced ‘ills’ and experimented with various chemicals. Interestingly, he found that, at extreme dilution stage, although drug substance loses its poison property, it retains its medicinal property. Additionally, he observed that even at extreme limits of dilution such medicinal properties can be enhanced.

Does Really Like Cure Like?

“Like cures, the like” is the basic foundation of Homeopathy. The substance which causes the disease is capable of curing it. Only quantity and the method of preparation matter.

Homeopathy Law of Similars

Our body produces symptoms in response to  a disease. Under specific conditions, it is also capable of curing these symptoms. Be it pain, allergy, infection, fever, or wound, our body knows the way to rehabilitate itself. However, it is also true that it may forget or fail to produce the needed response.

For example one gets hurt but after a certain period, his pain minimizes. In like manner, wounds gradually heal. Some fevers automatically disappear. Bones reform and unite again. Likewise, inflammations subside. There are a bunch of examples available to understand body’s own curative mechanism.

Prescribing Homeopathic remedy is like helping our body to execute its inherent curative response. Inherent medical properties of drug substances are active even at extreme dilution status. Additionally, they help in enhancing body’s inherent defense mechanics.

Hahnemann observed a unique and strange thing about the response of the body. Only certain drug substances could enhance its curative mechanism. Only certain drug substances cured the disease symptoms. Interestingly, the same drugs have produced similar disease symptoms when they tested in healthy humans. He arrived at the vital conclusion. The likes cure the like.

Hahnemann also discovered the unique method of drug potentization. He found that potentized medicinal drug substance acting more deeply and effectively.

Drug potentization is also termed as drug succussion. The ‘succussion’ means ‘shaking’. With the help of succussion method, Hahnemann could cure a number of disorders in his career.

A person who has received ideal Homeopathic ‘Similimum’, would undoubtfully agree, the law, “Like Cures Like”. He would be the best available evidence to end any sort of criticism.

What goes into Homeopathy treatment?

In particular, your ‘Similimum’ is your ideal Homeopathic prescription. This is how Classical-Homeopathy practitioner would like to prescribe. Unlike other medical sciences, he would not arrange different medicines for different symptoms. On the contrary, he would consider ‘totality of your symptoms’ to prescribe for you.

homeopathy-therapy homeopathy treatment

There are thousands of remedies described in details in available Homeopathic literature. Comparatively, many drug substances would look similar in body behavior. To put it differently, one may get confused in selecting ideal medicine as all look behaving same in their descriptions.


Its the knowledge, experience and the genius of the Homeopathy expert, who could identify your exact ‘similimum’ from these thousands of medicines.


Below are some pathways to reach your ideal ‘similimum’ commonly used to find Homeopathy Similimum.

  1. Your Current Disease Symptoms + Your Personal Characteristics = Your Homeopathic Similimum
  2. Your Current Disease Symptoms + Your Peculiar Symptoms = Your Homeopathic Similimum
  3. Inherent Personal Characteristics + Your Peculiar Symptoms = Your Constitutional Similimum
  4. Strong Peculiar Symptom = Your Constitutional Similimum (provided that your Personal Characteristics do not go against common nature of particular remedy)

The collation of your symptoms is the easier thing. However, weighing each symptom is the real task. In fact, he who knows the behavior of drug and potency would succeed in weighing the symptoms correctly.

It is an art for Homeopathy practitioner to understand the totality of symptoms. Obviously, reporting of symptoms and other details by a patient and his relatives add value in deciding ideal prescription.

Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli East

Dr. Sandip’s Homeopathy Clinic Online! Homeopathic Doctor Online!!

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Homeopathy Clinic Online is truly a ray of hope for many chronic disorders. The concept of ‘Homeopathic Doctor Online helps you to find a Homeopathy physician at your doorstep.

Exactly What is Diseased? The Mind or Body

Homeopathy is evolved at the end of 18 th century. Bloodletting and purging like practices were common in the medical stream during that era. Curing, many times was an act of causing. No scientific evidence for planning the treatments. No prior verification of the medicinal substances. Obviously, not to mention here, people many times suffered because of medicinal methods rather than a disease itself.

Homoeopathic doctor onlineSamuel Hahnemann, the Father of Homeopathy, rejected such practices. He believed in curing the disorders but causing no harm. He advocated the use of a single remedy for curing all kinds of symptoms. Additionally, he practically revealed how to obtain the desired result with the use of a minimal quantity of a drug.

Unlike other medical sciences, he proposed its the ‘Vital force’ which is actually diseased one. Symptoms are a mere presentation of deranged ‘Vital force’. Hence, the cure, or the final aim of any medicinal logic, resides in regaining the normal arrangement of this force.

The very foundation of Homeopathy truly makes the sense. After all, it answers the common question “Why the sickness happens to someone special despite the many ones were exposed to similar conditions?”. And, this is our day to day experience. All ate same ice cream, but only particular individual suffered from throat pain. All trapped in an epidemic of viral fever, but only particular individual caught the infection.

These particular individuals had their ‘Vital force’ deranged a bit prior to the exposure.

Naturally, if someone has to treat such individuals, then he should be aiming the root cause. Only, Homeopathy is the science which talks about regaining the normal state of inner supreme force.

Homeopathy Clinic Online: What it aims for?

The primary aim of each Homeopathy Clinic is to re-establish the balance of Vital force. Comparatively other branches of medicine mainly aim for either curing imbalanced physiology of body or abnormal state of mind. Not to mention here, the approach seems superficial. Before we discuss the concept of Homeopathic doctor online, we will try to understand foundations of true Homeopathic Clinic.

Online Homeopathy ClinicLet we discuss this concept with an example. In case of Ayurveda and Yoga, balancing Vata-Pitta-Kafa stands the main goal. All these entities of a living being have defined locations in the body. Similarly, Modern Medicine aims for treating abnormal pathologies. These abnormal pathologies have defined locations in a living body. Practically, Homeopathy targets the inner core which is the actual cause or origin of a disorder i.e. Vital Force. Yoga, the branch of Ayurveda, has the similar approach to balance the inner core i.e. Soul or Self.

Comparatively, Yoga and Homeopathy approaches are capable to treat chronic deep rooted illnesses very effectively.

One requires a large amount of patience and determination to gain health and other benefits of Yoga. Yama and Niyama are the basic foundations of Yoga. One can not expect actual fruits without adhering to Yama and Niyama. Our current lifestyle and an unquenchable thirst for material success would be the major obstacles. Hence, chances of getting early health benefits are far for many when they start practicing Yoga.

That’s why we have only the science of Homeopathy, which would help us to achieve desired gains probably in a short time and with minimal efforts. True Homeopathy Clinic aims to re-establish the normal status of Vital Force in a living being. Its the same for Homeopathic Clinic Online too.

The Primary Focus of Homeopathic Doctor Online

Unlike Modern Medicine, ancient sciences believe in the importance of knowing a patient as a whole. Hence, in Ayurvedic Clinic the physician may ask you the questions which may seem irrelevant to the underlying disorder. Such questions many times are focused to understand the Prakruti of a person as an individual. Such kind of detailing helps in identifying imbalanced Doshas. Not to mention here, the strategy adds value in planning the prescriptions, dosing etc.

Online Homeopathic DoctorSimilarly, in Homeopathy Clinic, the physician would try to know more about the patient. He/She even might be interested to know more about patients surroundings, family relations, and such many things. Maybe his questions would seem irrelevant as far as patient’s disorder is concerned. However, these striking questions help him to arrive at the perfect remedy and planning treatment regimens.

Let us see below few hypothetical examples:

  • A patient visiting Homeopathy clinic had a chronic skin allergy. He tried various medicines without results. He was astonished when Homeopathic doctor online asked him regarding his habit of covering himself while sleeping. Obviously, he considered this question as irrelevant to his disorder.
  • A child was suffering from childhood asthma. His parents presented his case the Homeopathic Clinic Online since no medicine ever helped the child. Homeopathic doctor online, while case taking asked the question to the mother, regarding regular dreams which she had during pregnancy. Obviously, parents considered this question as irrelevant

Not to mention, the strategy of a Homeopathic doctor online is to know more about the patient as a whole. In fact, such kind of information would prove crucial for him to arrive at his best remedy.

Why the concept of Homeopathy Clinic Online?

There are multiple benefits one can achieve by consulting the Homeopathic doctor online. Time, money and presenting the case with a comfort are the major ones. In addition to that, the method, although still in a nutshell, very much aligns with the described science of Homeopathy.

Below are few reasons why the Homeopathy Clinic Online follows the principles of Classical Homeopathy:

  • It allows maximum comfort to the patient or his relatives since they do not have to travel to visit Homeopathy clinic. Not to mention here, the comfort adds value in case presentation and thereby in prescribing.
  • The patient can well prepare himself to present his case. Be it collation of his medical data or striking points in patient notes, he can present well in a cool and comfortable way. This surely helps Homeopathic doctor online to review the case and patient as a whole.
  • Classical Homeopathy values patient other characteristics equally important as his symptoms, laboratory parameters, and clinical signs. And, Homeopathy Clinic Online surely does it very well by collecting patient case details.
  • Additionally, Homeopathy Clinic Online offers a gateway which helps the Homeopathy doctor online and patient to have multiple meetings or follow-ups. This surely deepens the understanding of a case.
  • Homeopathy Clinic Online also offers a vital tool which helps homeopathy doctor online. It enables patient data collation profoundly. Homeopathic doctor online can collect striking clues of a case from neonates, bedridden patients or even comatose people.

How is remedy selected in Classical Homeopathy Clinic?

We are not sure when and how first living being came into existence. However, logically we can say, different disorders came into existence since the life evolved on our planet. Shreds of evidence of Ayurveda and Yoga can be traced back in the past thousand years. Comparatively, Homeopathy is a juvenile medical approach.

Dr. Sandip's Homeopathy Clinic OnlinePractically, what has happened to a patient decides the drug in medical branches other than Homeopathy. Diagnosis of the underlying disorder remains the mainstay while regimen planning. Obviously, all these medical branches follow the unique methodology. In short, its the disease itself that largely determines the therapy. On the contrary, while deciding Homeopathic medicine, along with symptoms, various factors of a patient are taken into consideration. What’s the nature of a patient? What are his habits? His likes-dislikes, his aggravations-ameliorations etc.

Is it that easier?

Obviously no. The collection of symptoms and unique characteristics of a patient is a difficult task. For example, when asked about likes and dislikes of taste someone may struggle to decide between sweet and spicy. If asked about nature, someone could not judge whether he is kind or jealous. In such scenarios, where the patient finds difficulty in deciding, not to mention here the bigger challenge the physician would face.

In conclusion, collating the patient’s data is a daunting task. As a matter of fact, the experience and thorough knowledge of physician play the important role. Additionally, it largely depends upon the skill of physician practicing in Homeopathy clinic. In like manner, its the same for the Homeopathic doctor online practicing via Homeopathy clinic online.

The future of Homeopathy Clinic Online

The advent of the internet has webbed this world in a small village. Technology has affected each aspect of human life. The outbreak of information has nearly transformed human life. Not to mention, the medical sector is on the top list in this global phenomenon.

Homeopathy Clinic OnlineNew therapies, new investigation methodologies, and new inventions in medical sector have stretched human life expectancy. Additionally, there are thousands in the experimental stage. Telemedicine is one of the new arrivals on this list. Presence of virtual doctor in your home will certainly help in preserving and regaining health.

The use of telemedicine concept for establishing Homeopathy clinic online still in nutshell. Comparatively, very few countries advocated the practicing of Homeopathy. Not to mention here, Homeopathy is cherished where it is religiously practiced. Unfortunately, some regions are against this wonderful medical science. We will discuss the reasons behind in another article. However, below are few points which would have the positive impact due to Homeopathy Clinic Online.

  • The spread of Homeopathy as an alternative health solution
  • Increasing awareness about the benefits of Homeopathy
  • Present your case in a home comfort
  • Meet qualified and leading Homeopathy practitioner, ‘Face-to-face’ online
  • Save your time, energy and money
  • Virtual ‘One on one’ meetings with your family members
  • Virtual ‘Family together’ meetings with the Homeopathic doctor online

How would Homeopathy Clinic Online help to spread alternative health solution?

Homeopathy is always regarded as the alternative solution in the past. Many times after encountering limitations of various medicines people would try to find a way out. For some individuals, the advertisement of ‘No side effects’ turned positive. Some knocked the doors of Homeopathy clinic after reading some insights of this science. Few arrived after hearing about the results while few came via referrals.

Dr. Sandip's Homeopathic Clinic OnlineAnd what about the current situation? I am glad to write here, there is a stratum to whom Homeopathy clinic is the first choice to encounter the sickness. Its increasing day by day. Some are satisfied with the results, some find the ray of hope when other doors were closed. Few liked the interaction with Homeopathic physician and few perceived it as a solution for reviving health and life. Not to mention here, the kids, they are the ones whom only the taste of Homeopathic medicine worked the wonders.

Homeopathy clinic online focuses to achieve the same reputation. Simply by crossing your doorsteps and virtually meeting with you!

How would Homeopathy Clinic Online help to increase Homeopathy Awareness?

We are living in an information age. Yet, there are many who do not know Homeopathy as a unique way of treatment based on scientific facts. Many ones are unaware of the Homeopathy remedy provings were like individual clinical trials. In short, there are many ones who are unaware of what Homeopathy clinic stands for. We think, Homeopathy clinic online would help to minimize this gap.

Online Homoeopathy ClinicUnlike other medical sciences, Homeopathy has a different and unique approach. Be it individual case taking or prescribing, Homeopathy stands in its unique way. Commonly drops of Homeopathy remedies are added to sugar pellets. Many ones wonder, why and how Homeopathic physician prescribes them same medicine. However, this is not a true story. Sugar pellets are just vehicles. Externally they look alike but may carry drops o different Homeopathy medicine. That’s why although prescription of whole family members looks same, everyone would be treated with different remedy.

Homeopathic clinic online: Presenting your case with Home comfort

Good case taking is an important part of the consultation. No matter what medical approach you are presenting for. Describing your health details always help physicians to arrive at the conclusion. This vital exchange of information determines the fate of the therapy. Missing, hiding or forgetting to convey your health details may mislead the overall case. It is important to realize that case presentation is a two-way communication. Both parties, meaning healthcare provider and the patient should try their best to achieve desired goals.

Let us check 2 hypothetical scenarios.

  1. The patient was in a hurry. He had to attend an important meeting with a client. Hence he was little interested in presenting his case. The Homeopathy physician asked him about his well-being. He replied positively and he left the clinic with the same prescription.

In above scenario, the patient may forget to tell some important health information.

  1. The physician was in a hurry. He had to attend some important function. He asked his patient about his well-being. The patient was satisfied with the previous prescription. Not to mention, the physician prescribed the same remedy.

In above scenario, the physician may forget to ask some important health information.

In conclusion, both parties should devote sufficient time, interest and attention to achieve the favorable outcome of the consultation. Obviously, comfort plays an important role in this communication.

Homeopathy clinic online provides maximum comfort while case taking. Patient and his relatives would be at ease while providing health information. Not to mention, the Homeopathic doctor online would be at his own comfort in collating the health details.

‘Face to face’ meeting with Homeopathic physician online

‘A priest sees people at their best, a lawyer at their worst, but a doctor sees them as they really are’. A meeting with a doctor, although happening due to sickness, has a lot of enthusiasm and hope. It always goes like half of the illness is taken care for those who see the physician they believe in. When it comes to Homeopathy clinic, this enthusiasm and hopes are at its peak. Its the virtue of ‘face-to-face’ communication which opens the mind of the sick one.

Homeopathy clinic online provides the opportunity for ‘face-to-face’ communication. It offers the most secure and private subway to open your mind. It creates the pathway for a Homeopathy physician to pick the vital health details.

Homeopathy Clinic Online: Save your time, money and energy

Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli EastThe Internet has constricted this world in a small village. Virtual stores are now a reality. Buyers do not need to travel up to the shops to purchase commodities. Be it your favorite pizza or jeans, everything is available now at your fingertips. The same is true for the medical field. Telemedicine is helping the outreach of medical domain. Due to telemedicine technology, one can obtain medical guidance swiftly, cheaply and comfortably.

Homeopathic clinic online serves the same purpose. One can save his valuable time, money and energy by taking Online Homeopathic consultation from the Homeopathic doctor online. Although there are pros and cons associated with telemedicine technology itself, the concept of Homeopathy Clinic Online could be the first stepping stone in this decade.

Virtual ‘One-on-One’ meetings in Homeopathy Clinic Online

The medical information is always valued as supreme. It lays the way for diagnosing the underline disorder, judging its severity and planning the treatment. Missing on vital patient health details may be misleading. Additionally, it may result harming the patient rather than treating him.

Find Online Homeopathic DoctorIn short, it is always important to detail your doctor about everything that relates to diagnosis or treatment.

Unfortunately, a patient may avoid detailing doctor for a variety of reasons especially when information demands privacy or security. Such information demands strict privacy, be it is to be exchanged in clinic or hospital. The information may make patient shy away. Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly patient may choose to hide his details. This missing information may cause failure for both parties.

As far as the Homeopathic clinic is concerned, the Homeopathy physician wants to know whole about the patient. Obviously, he may lose crucial details that may lead to finding exact similimum.

Homeopathy Clinic online overcomes this barrier. It provides the required amount of comfort and privacy. Naturally, the patient could open his mind without worry. Not to mention, this vital exchange of information may fasten the recovery. In case if required Homeopathic doctor online can ask questions related to such health information only for the sake of finding his exact similimum.

Virtual ‘Family-together’ meetings in Homeopathy Clinic Online

Many times patient’s close relatives or his friends may provide valuable input for his health. A doctor can know more about his patient by his close acquaintances. The details obtained from such people often help in diagnosing the patient and planning his regimen.

Homeopathy Clinic in DombivliIn our day to day life, a patient usually accompanied by one or two acquaintances when he visits Homeopathy clinic. Many times there is more information lies with other close people. Homeopathy clinic online breaches this gap. The Homeopathic doctor online virtually can meet with people surrounding the patient. The vital gathering of these details obviously helps him to arrive at similimum. In fact, he may meet each close relative one-on-one or with the whole family.

Homeopathy clinic online helps the Homeopathic doctor online in cross-checking patient information. The connect with surrounding people also helps to monitor the patient, monitor his treatment and other habits. The homeopathy clinic may act as a boon when the patient is bedridden or child.

Let us take one hypothetical example. The parents brought their child suffering from childhood asthma. They appeared in Homeopathy clinic when all possible measures turned failure. A Homeopathic doctor examined the child and prescribed Homeopathic medicine. One month passed by with no results. The child failed to respond. The prescribing Homeopathic physician decided to dive into further details. He wanted to know how the child behaves publicly in open atmosphere. Since parents never left their child alone, the Homeopathic physician wanted this answer from child’s teacher. Not to mention, Homeopathy clinic online helped his parents to have a ‘face-to-face’ communication between child’s teacher and the prescribing Homeopathic doctor online.

Hope you would have understood the benefits of the Homeopathy clinic online. We will be diving deep in this wonderful medical science in our forthcoming articles.

Online Homeopathy Clinic

Homeopathic Clinic Online: Benefits of Online Homeopathy Clinic

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Homeopathic clinic online is a modern telemedicine approach to have instant homeopathy consultation. Read what benefits Online Homeopathy Clinic may offer in comparison with the traditional approach.

What is Homeopathy? How it differs from other medicinal approaches?

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We feel its important for you to know more about Homeopathy. Hence before you access our Homeopathic Clinic Online, kindly get more information about this approach.

Homeopathy is one of the supreme branches of alternative medicine. The universal rule of ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’ is the basic foundation for its approach. Samuel Hahnemann invented this unique way of treating various disorders. Hahnemann was a German physician who got aversed with the traditional ways of treating various diseases. In his medical practice, he found that various chemical drugs used for treatment are causing more harm than the benefits.

Online Homeopathic ClinicSamuel Hahnemann was the first physician who prepared medicines in a unique way. He diluted various substances and discovered that still, such dilutions have the capacity to produce symptoms in healthy humans. This dilution approach is termed as Homeopathic potentization. And unique computation of emerging symptoms after ingestion of such dilutions is called as provings. Hahnemann proved such medicines in healthy human beings. Based on the results of his experiments he could cure various diseases in sick individuals. That is why he is also termed as the father of Experimental Pharmacology.

What is Similia Similibus Curentur?

Online Homeopathic Clinic MumbaiThis axiom expresses the doctrine of Homeopathy. It can also be termed as the law of similars. Hahnemann discovered this principle while he was searching for a unique method of treating patients. His primary goal was finding a way which would never harm the patients.

In his inherent quest, Samuel Hahnemann ingested some Cinchona bark to investigate what will happen. To His astonishment, he truly experienced malaria symptoms. Based on this experiment, he concluded that effective medicine is capable of producing disease symptoms whenever ingested by a healthy person. This he termed as ‘Law of Similars’.

This Law of Similars helped Hahnemann to arrive at a strange and unique conclusion. “Any substance that produces disease symptoms in a healthy being is capable of curing same symptoms in a diseased being”.

Hahnemann then experimented with a number of substances. He noted various symptoms produced in healthy human beings. It is then obvious to him, to use this data in choosing correct medicine for a sick person. Not to mention here, he could cure thousands of patients with his unique approach.

In our Homeopathic Clinic Online, we are using the same approach. In fact, more than your symptoms and diagnosis of sickness, we are interested to know more about you while concluding remedy for you.

What kind of diseases can Homeopathy cure?

As a matter of fact, Homeopathy weighs symptoms of disease more than the diagnosis unlike other medical sciences. It emphasizes the symptoms of diseases are genuine expressions of the inner soul in the first place. Additionally, this alternative science proposes the theory of individualization. Each living being is unique in nature possessing its own characteristics. These characteristics define the very nature of individual being. And so does its symptoms too.

Online Homeopathy Clinic Badlapur MumbaiIn brief, Homeopathy aims to treat inner being rather than the disease itself. Hence along with symptoms of diseases other unique characteristics of an individual matter the most. Unique habits of the person, his likes, and dislikes or his very nature are few examples of these characteristics. In case if you ever visit a homeopathic clinic, you would not be wondered why the Homeopathy physician was asking about your dreams or your cravings for things like sugar or ice cream.

All substances of this nature are drugs and poison both. Only quantity can determine whether particular substance would be drug or poison. Homeopathy elaborates medicinal power of substances. In fact, even toxic substances would become remedies after dilution and potentization. Such remedies would work wonder in curing and mitigating a variety of disorders. Such potentized remedies if prescribed to the patient after studying his totality of symptoms are enough capable of curing or mitigating underlying disorder. In fact, the true Homeopathic prescription is always for a patient not for his underlying disorder.

In conclusion, we can cater Homeopathic prescription to any human disorder. We are using the Hahnemannian approach in our Homeopathic clinic. Not to mention here, our Homeopathic clinic aims to treat you more than your disorder itself. Hence it doesn’t matter which vital organ is affected or how old the disorder is.

About Online Homeopathy Clinic

Online Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli MumbaiEach human being wishes good health for him and his family. A visit to a clinic due to some health reasons is the last thing one can ever be thought of. Unlike shopping, rarely anyone wishes to spend more on hospital bills. In fact, sickness brings psycho-social trauma to the patient and his family.

Untreatable conditions, chronic disorders or recurring pathologies make a severe psycho-economical impact. The doctor remains the last way of hope. Modern technological and research advances remain the last hands of help. Its true, today we have the supreme medical care in our hands compared to the era of hundred years back. But it is equally true that yet we have not conquered each disorder.

Still, there are a number of disorders for which someone may seek help from alternative medicines. Yet there is someone who may face harm rather than benefit from modern medicine. Additionally, there are some number of patients who may prefer Homeopathy than other alternative medicine branches. In conclusion, a visit to Homeopathic clinic although seems farthest but sure possibility.

This is for sure that Homeopathic clinic would offer you a new way of hope. Someone would get a sigh of relief by knowing the lesser possibility of harm compared to other sciences.  Someone would like the involvement of a physician to know him more. A few may get astonished by the way of ability of a Homeopathy science itself especially in a situation where other sciences failed to treat them. Some especially the younger ones would be joyful for the sweet pellets instead of bitter medicines surely from a Homeopathic clinic. Not to mention here, a visit to the Homeopathic clinic would become sacred once you like its approach.

Why may someone avoid visiting Homeopathic Clinic?

Homeopathic Clinic Online Dombivli IndiaThere are a number of people who resist believing in Homeopathy. Not to mention here, who strongly uphold the ways of Modern medicines deny the medicinal value of Homeopathy. Yet there are few for whom Homeopathic clinics are the practicing hubs of a quack people. As a matter of fact, such people would like to express their views without observing a single cured case of Homeopathy.

On the other hand, a very few people believe in the medicinal importance of Homeopathy. However, still, they may avoid visiting the Homeopathic clinic. Based on the experience of our Homeopathic clinic we have enlisted some reasons:

  1. Homeopathic medicines work slowly, especially when prescribed for a chronic disorder. Hence after a couple of visits with no results in hand, someone may become inpatient and avoid visiting the Homeopathic clinic.
  2. For some individuals, addition to sickness, their age may be a hindrance for visiting the Homeopathic clinic. For example, sometimes it becomes difficult for old age person to visit the Homeopathic clinic. The same is true for the child group.
  3. Someone may remain occupied in his busy life and avoid visiting the Homeopathic clinic.
  4. In developing countries the number of the qualified Homeopathic practitioner is low. In many parts of the world, Homeopathy is not practiced yet. Hence a visit to the Homeopathic clinic is difficult for many individuals.
  5. Some countries have abandoned the use of Homeopathy by stating it as a placebo effect. Some countries are on the way to abandon it. Not to mention here, they have applied clinical trial techniques to establish the benefits from Homeopathy. We will cover this fact in our forthcoming articles. Unfortunately, people residing in such localities would miss the benefits of visiting the Homeopathic clinic.

Benefits of Online Homeopathy Clinic

Online Homeopathy Clinic Dombivli EastOnline Homeopathic Clinic is our ‘face-to-face’ telemedicine approach. With the advent of technology, the science of telemedicine is also evolving. In short, telemedicine is nothing but providing medical care from a distance with the help of available modes of communication. The primary aim of telemedicine is to overcome the barrier of long distance. Hence, telemedicine brings all corner of the world together for providing medical guidance, information and primary treatment. With the help of our Online Homeopathic Clinic, Online Homeopathic Consultation is available for all.

Our Online Homeopathic Clinic is a use of telemedicine approach. It can be used to consult Homeopath online. It brings Homeopathic physician and patient together.

This online Homeopathic Consultation way would be useful for the isolated population. The people living in remote areas or the regions where Homeopathy is not accessible or available would definitely consult Homeopath online. With the availability of internet on mobile devices, people would find the Homeopathic clinic easily accessible for their needs.Homeopathy Online

Each branch of medicine has its own pros and cons. Obviously, when we are talking about benefits of Online Homeopathic Clinic, we have to keep cons in mind also.

Let we see what benefits Online Homeopathic Consultation can offer.
  • You do not need to travel for visiting Homeopathic Clinic. Online Homeopathic Clinic can be accessible in your home, on your mobile, laptop or even desktop.
  • Since it breaks the barrier of distance one may save a lot of time. While seeking online homeopathic consultation you do not need to take a leave from your work.
  • No waiting time to connect with a qualified Homeopath. One may avoid time lag by taking prior appointment via mobile phone or email.
  • One does not need to wait in a queue outside the homeopathic clinic.
  • Physical disability would never be a barrier to seek Online Homeopathic Consultation. Similarly, homebound patients or the patients who could not afford to leave home due to certain responsibilities would benefit from Online Homeopathic Clinic.
  • You would be receiving doorstep medicine via courier with a proper guidance about how to take it.
  • As discussed earlier, Homeopathy aims to treat a patient as a whole. Hence, in Homeopathic Clinic, sometimes a physician wants to know more about you from your family members. Your nature, your habits or your medical history sometimes best described by the family person than you. Inputs from these members would guide the physician in selecting Homeopathic medicine that suits the patient as a whole. Online Homeopathic Clinic provides this important opportunity. During Online Homeopathic Consultation call, the qualified Homeopathic physician may interact with your family members also. This opportunity not only saves the time and cost of travel but also help in selecting the suitable remedy.
  • Provided all technicalities are taken care of, irrespective of any location across the globe, you can avail the world-class best Classical Homeopathic Consultation.

Some Extra-benefits from Online Homeopathic Consultation

  • We believe in Homeopathic Remedies from the standard and renowned companies. We will be providing such Homeopathic medicines via available courier service.Get Online Homeopathic Treatment
  • Online Homeopathic Clinic removes the possibility of White Coat Syndrome i.e. some people who feel shy or uncomfortable in a doctors office may do interact better remotely.
  • Online Homeopathic Clinic eliminates the chances of possible transmission of infectious diseases from other patients while waiting in a Homeopathic Clinic.
  • In conclusion, Online Homeopathic Clinic would help to save your cost and time in many ways.
  • One can make payment via the gateway.

Drawbacks of Online Homeopathy Clinic

Find Online Homeopathic DispensaryAs discussed earlier, there are pros and cons of each technology and each treatment methodology. Hence it is equally important to understand drawbacks of Online Homeopathic Clinic. One has to weigh benefits vs drawbacks prior to seek Online Homeopathic Consultation.

  • Homeopathic Physician could not examine you personally the way it happens in the clinic. Sometimes before starting treatment or during the treatment, he may ask you to visit a nearby clinic and check for basic health parameters like temperature, pulse, blood pressure or ECG. Since he is not checking you, he had to trust the results of parameters presented by you. Additionally, he has to trust various laboratory parameters and reports presented by you.
  • One has to trust upon qualification, training, and experience of Homeopathic Physician. This difficulty can easily be taken care of by visiting physician personally. In fact, the patients whom we are offering Online Homeopathic Consultation have personally visited our physician at least for once. However, this would not be a case for the patients residing outside Mumbai area or at different parts of the world.
  • Similarly, one has to trust upon the provided Homeopathic medicine. The patients who are regular in our Homeopathic Clinic purchase the prescribed Homeopathic medicine personally. However, if someone availing Online Homeopathic Clinic service would have to trust the authenticity of homeopathic medicine provided by us. Unless needed, the Homeopathic physician would not disclose the name of homeopathic medicine as it may cause bias to you (while presenting your case). It simply means that one may read more information about that remedy from elsewhere and may get confused. Masking of your remedy is our precautionary attempt to keep you away from such bias.
  • There would be a time lag depending upon your location in reaching of homeopathic medicine via courier.

Additional Drawbacks of Online Homeopathy Clinic

  • In case if you personally purchase your prescribed Homeopathic medicine, do not read more information about it from the sources like the internet or magazines. There is the Classical methodology used by your physician while prescribing it. However, once you find improvement in your health, your physician may disclose the homeopathic medicines. The only purpose of this hiding is to avoid the possible bias.Find Online Homeopathy Clinic
  • As far as Online Homeopathic Consultation is concerned, one has to keep trust regarding his privacy. Your personal information is collected only for your treatment and sending homeopathic medicine. We will not misuse this information for any other purpose.

Hope you would have got enough information about our Online Homeopathic Clinic. At this very moment, our patients have started to avail Online Homeopathic Consultation for their follow-ups. We are aiming to spread the process of Online Homeopathy Consultation worldwide.

Still, we request you to read more on our site prior to avail services. Your access to our site would be considered as you agree to terms and services, privacy policy, consent and confirmation details. Links to the same pages are provided on Home Page as well About us page on this website.

The Concept Of Online Homeopathy

The use of technological advent in medical sciences is a well-known phenomenon. The branches of medicine keep on evolving. Telemedicine is one of the modern concepts now followed by many developed countries.

We cherish the use of telemedicine for providing Online Homeopathic Consultation for the benefit of our patients.

Below are the details of reference health website which is following telemedicine approach for providing Online Homeopathic Consultation.

Reference Health website: OmeopatiaDinamica: Homeopathy Online Consultation


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  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Psychological Consultation
  • Health Education

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