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DMIT: Dermatoglyphics test for identifying innate abilities

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What is DMIT?

DMIT stands for dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test. Dermatoglyphics is a scientific study of naturally occurring ridges on your certain body parts. The word ‘derma’ stands for skin and ‘glyph’ means carving.


Naturally, ridges occur on body organs like fingers soles, palms etc. As a matter of fact, these ridges are a unique identifier of a person. Moreover, they do not change throughout his life.


DMIT counts these ridges especially ridges of fingers. It also evaluates the patterns of these ridges.

DMIT Test Dombivli East by Dr. Sandip Awadhani

Dermatoglyphics is a study of ridges and grooves on your palms and soles. The formation of finger ridges starts at the 13th week of the embryonic stage. It completes on the 19th week. The ridges are formed from outer ectoderm. By the time the fetus is six months old, his fingerprints and footprints are formed at embryonic stage itself.  


For some individuals, dermatoglyphics is a pseudoscience. In fact, they consider it as like palmistry. However, dermatoglyphics is helpful in the diagnosis of various disorders like congenital abnormalities.


What your child fingerprints will tell you?


The word dermatoglyphics was first coined by Dr. Cummins. He used this method identification of personality traits. Before that, the dermatoglyphics was only a legal identification test.


As per Dr. Cummins, the fingerprints certainly reveal individuals persona. The study of dermatoglyphics provide us some insights into the personal preferences and innate abilities.
DMIT Test DermatoglyphicsThis achievement was a landmark discovery. The use of dermatoglyphics then evolved in the medical field. It is truly helpful in decoding the genetic makeup of an individual.
The parents were enthusiastic about knowing the inner potential of their kids.


Generally, the striae formation begins at the 19th week of the pregnancy. At the same time, the development of the brain and spinal cord begins separately. The number of creases begins to appear in the brain. These creases are reflected on the fingerprints. As per dermatoglyphics, different regions of the brain are reflected on 10 digits. By computing and analyzing, one can understand the personality of an individual.


As a matter of fact, these lines will not change once they get formed. This natural uniqueness helps to define the actual nature of an individual.


In the 19th century, Mr. Galton collected thousands of fingerprints. He used the statistical methods to understand the relation between finger lines and brain. He was the first person who propounded the interrelation between the genetics and fingerprints. Later on, dermatoglyphics used to identify the underlying congenital conditions like down syndrome.


Fingerprints and your inner abilities


Dermatoglyphics was initially used to diagnose certain pathological conditions. Later FBI used fingerprints for legal identification purposes.

What is meant by innate ability?


Innate ability is a characteristic which is present at the time of birth. It is a kind of trait, which is always present with the person. An innate ability is not an acquired or the learned characteristic. For example, humans have the innate ability of language speaking.


DMIT Test Dermatoglyphics for Innate AbilitiesIn other words, innate ability is a natural gift. The person hardly needs efforts to master his innate ability. For example, some children grasp the dance moves fastly, some children learn singing with lesser efforts.

Since the genesis of fingerprints starts in the womb itself, it gives a fair idea to understand the genetic condition.


Each fingerprint represents a certain area of your brain. In other words, each fingerprint reveals different abilities.


It is important to understand, although dermatoglyphics provides some insights, one cannot reach his full potential without training, hard work, and proper guidance. Generally, your hidden potentials need specific kind of surrounding to emerge out.


DMIT Test: Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test in Dombivli E,Thane

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DMIT Test or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test truly scientific understanding of your brain development from your fingerprint patterns. The number of research studies so far have notably concluded the correlation between fingerprints ridges and brain development.

DMIT Test Dombivli East by Dr. Sandip Awadhani

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Indeed, the patterns of skin (dermal) ridges present on human fingers are unique. The word ‘Derma’ stands for your skin while ‘glyphics’ denotes natural carvings on specific body parts like fingers, toes, palms etc.

DMIT Test is chiefly an assessment of such natural carvings formed on your fingertips.

What is the DMIT Test? How it is conducted?

The word DMIT stands for Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. The ‘DMIT Test’ is, in fact, a non-invasive study wherein your fingerprint patterns are assessed. To be sure, the test requires only the scanned images of your fingertips.

DMIT Test Procedure

DMIT Test in Dombivli EastDMIT requires only your scanned fingerprint images. The DMIT test expert would conduct this test for you.

  • DMIT Test expert will ask you about some basic details.
  • He/ She would fill your details like name, date of birth, address etc. in the software
  • DMIT Test expert will ensure your hands are clean.
  • He/ She will ask you to put your finger on the biometric scanner.
  • The expert will assist you with the scanner to obtain a good image of a fingerprint.
  • You can see your fingerprint image reflecting in the database.
  • DMIT Test expert will capture your good fingerprint image in the database.
  • One by one, all fingers will be scanned and fingerprint images stored.

What exactly happens with your collected fingertip images?

  • The DMIT test expert identifies the underlying fingerprint pattern.
  • The DMIT test expert counts the fingerprint ridges with the help of software.
  • He/ She runs the software macro to generate your report.
  • He/ She shares the generated report print with you
  • Owing to your personal identity, your scanned images and test results remain private.

What are the DMIT Test results?

DMIT Test in Dombivli, ThaneThe generated DMIT test report certainly reveals the making of your brain lobes while you were in the womb.

The human brain is the central organ of the nervous system. Structurally, right and left hemispheres form our brain. Each part, in fact, controls the opposite side of our body. Each hemisphere is further divided into four lobes-frontal, temporal, parietal and occipital.

It is important to realize, each lobe controls the functioning of distant organs.

Our brain is the most powerful organ and certainly the prominent reason for our uniqueness.

The human brain notably consists of three major parts – Cerebrum (the
largest part covering 76% of total brain volume), Cerebellum and brain stem. Neo Cortex is the major part of the Cerebral Cortex that chiefly controls most of our complex mental activities – such as sensory perception, language, spatial reasoning, generation of motor commands and conscious thought.

How DMIT Test measures your inborn brain potential?

DMIT test is indeed an assessment system. Some well-known scientists developed it based on certain research observations. Some observations are from Genetics and embryology. Additionally, DMIT test includes conclusions of some neuroscience research. The test also considers some observations of pediatric psychology.

  • DMIT test represents an approximate number of neurons in each brain lobe. It uniquely divides the cerebral cortex into 8 parts. Each part carries 12.5% TRC as an average weight.
  • The word ‘TRC’ means ‘Total Ridge Count’.
  • The individual TRC percentage value represents the development of each lobe. More the TRC count more developed the brain lobe is
  • TRC<7% represents more focus needed to gain the required potential
  • TRC>7% represents some attention needed to gain the required potential

DMIT Test and the concept of Multiple Intelligence

DMIT Finger print analysis DombivliThe theory of Multiple Intelligence is now widely accepted. Certainly, intelligence is the ability of an individual to acquire knowledge. In particular, the DMIT test reveals 8 different types of intelligence.

Each being certainly possesses these 8 types of intelligence. But, it is important to realize, the proportion varies from person to person.

Certain factors like genetic predispositions, learning environment, the level of support and motivation etc. surely play an important role in the gain of particular intelligence.

In general, the DMIT test further categorizes Multiple Intelligences in 4 parts – High dominant, Dominant, Average Dominant and Less dominant.

  • >13% denotes High Intelligence
  • <13%-11% represents Dominant
  • <11%-9% denotes Average Dominant and
  • <9% represents Less Dominant

In fact, the DMIT test reveals ‘How a person can achieve a particular intelligence?’ rather than ‘How much particular intelligence the person has?’.

Below is the list of 8 types of intelligence DMIT test can reveal
  1. Linguistic Intelligence
  2. Logical and Mathematical Intelligence
  3. Visual/ Spatial Intelligence
  4. Musical Intelligence
  5. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence
  7. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence and
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence

The results of DMIT test, in fact, do not reveal the impact of acquired skills or knowledge. The results, certainly are the indicator of your inborn potential based on scientific research conducted in Dermatoglyphics.

It is important to realize the Dermatoglyphics results do not guarantee success in a particular field. However, they would surely help to point out what type of ambiance is needed to achieve success.

To emphasize, success or failure in a given field certainly depends upon individual efforts and various other factors.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test and DISC profiling

Dematoglyphics DMIT Test in DombivliThe concept of DISC profiling was first introduced by Dr. Wiliam Marston. He, in fact, studied thousands of personalities to develop DISC profiling.

The concept markedly divides all humans into 4 personalities.

  1. Dominant
  2. Influential
  3. Steady
  4. Compliant

Dr. Gary Couture’s updated DISC theory and added bird profiling.

  1. Dominant: Eagle
  2. Influential: Peacock
  3. Steady:  Dove
  4. Compliant: Compliant

Use of Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

DMIT Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence TestThere are surely a number of benefits one can achieve by conducting Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test. Below is the list of some major benefits.

  • Dermatoglyphics test certainly reveals strong and weak areas of the brain
  • The test also helps to understand learning or memorization style
  • The test helps to plan best learning methods
  • Dermatoglyphics helps to identify your innate personality
  • The test provides some useful remedies to achieve success in a particular area
  • It helps to choose  career options

As per Dr. Gardner, linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence are the main focus of the current education system. However, one should pay attention to the gifts of other intelligence the person has. Professional streams like art, music, design, dance etc. enrich our world.

The theory of Multiple Intelligence does not see intelligence as dominated by a single genetic ability. It, rather, divides intelligence into 8 different modalities.

Each modality is bound to fulfill below 8 criteria.
  1. Isolation
  2. Evolution
  3. Operation
  4. Expression
  5. Progression
  6. Existence
  7. Support from experimental psychology
  8. Support from psychometric evaluation

According to Gardner, an intelligence is “a biopsychological potential to process information that can be activated in a cultural setting to solve problems or create products that are of value in a culture.”

As per the theory of multiple intelligence, Human intelligence is a collection of specialist abilities.

The theory of multiple intelligence can be best understood by below example:///

Let us consider, a child faces difficulty in solving a mathematical problem. In this situation, our current educational system assumes weaker mathematical intelligence.

However, the theory of multiple intelligence looks this example in a broader perspective.

  • This child may be trying to solve the given mathematical problem with a different approach
  • His ability to solve the mathematical problem can be enhanced by using different guidance
  • He may be trying to think this given mathematical problem at a deeper level
  • He may be stronger in other areas and may enhance in those fields
  • Maybe he is bored enough that he could not see it as a challenge to focus on

To put it differently, the theory of multiple intelligence appreciates multiple genetic abilities.

Hope above article will surely help you to understand what exactly DMIT test is about. The test certainly requires few minutes to scan your fingers. DMIT test results could be a stepping stone to create an ambiance conducive to excel your potentials.