Biochemic Medicine: Schuessler’s Tissue Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts

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Biochemic Medicine List: 12 Tissue Salts

Below is the list of twelve biochemic medicines propounded by Dr. Schussler:

  1. Calcarea fluor (Calcium fluoride)
  2. Calcium phosphorica (Calcium phosphate)
  3. Ferrum phosphorica (Iron phosphate)
  4. Kali muriaticum (Potassium chloride)
  5. Calcium sulphate
  6. Kali phosphorica (Potassium phosphate)
  7. Kali sulphurica (Potassium sulphate)
  8. Natrum muriaticum (Sodium chloride)
  9. Natrum sulphuricum(Glauber’s salt – Sodium sulphate)
  10. Magnesia Phosphorica (Magnesium phosphate)
  11. Natrum phosphoricum (Sodium phosphate)
  12. Silicea

Difference between Homeopathy and Biochemic Medicine


Schuessler tissue salts biochemic medicines cell saltsAlthough this may be true that both approaches work on the same principle, the basic difference between biochemic medicine and Homeopathy medicine lies in the potencies. Homeopathy cherishes wide range of potencies, unlike biochemic remedies. Dr. Schussler propounded low potency range in particular for the administration.


As a matter of fact, the dynamic power of Homeopathic medicine increases with the increase in its potency. Hence, due to high potency, Homeopathic medicine has a definite edge over biochemic medicine. It would act more deeply. Probably, it acts as the layer where the body’s natural healing mechanisms function.


Indeed, the primary aim of biochemic medicine is to replenish the deficiency of the given salt. Obviously, the replenishment pushes the healing mechanism. On the contrary, Homeopathic medicine works hand in hand with the innate healing mechanism. Since the action of Homeopathic medicine happens on the dynamic level, its provided thrust is comparatively powerful enough to reinstate the health equilibrium.


Biochemic medicinesAs a matter of fact, the Homeopathic medicine has another edge over biochemic medicine as far as administration is concerned. The homeopathic remedy can be administered via olfaction or dermal routes. On the contrary, biochemic remedies usually preferred as chewable tablet formulation.


Since biochemic remedies chiefly aim to replenish basic minerals, often they have to be administered repeatedly and in the long run. On the other hand, just a couple of doses (usually single) of Homeopathic medicine work the wonder.


Comparatively, biochemic medicines have fixed indications. One doesn’t need to do brainstorming to prescribe biochemic remedies. However, more similimum biochemic medicine has, the chances of its functioning may increase exponentially.


Importance of Biochemic Tissue Salts or Cell Salts


Dr. Schuessler developed this unique system of cell salts therapy by using biochemistry and cellular therapy. Biochemistry is nothing but a study of a living cell in an organism. Indeed, the human body is a large collection of living cells. As a matter of fact, each cell surely functions on a dynamic level. Each cell in particular, is constituted of organic and inorganic material. Minerals certainly form inorganic part of each cell. The organic form of cell truly is a sugar and various fats. Although water and organic part of cell occupy wider proportion, the inorganic matter is vital too.


Twelve Tissue Salts Cell saltsThe cell functioning and new cell generation are particularly dependent on the inorganic part of the cell. In other words, minerals play a vital role in cell birth and its functioning. As a matter of fact, the deficiency of minerals chiefly interrupts cell generation and related dynamic activities. Biochemic cell salts, in particular, replenish the mineral need of cells and thus reinstate health.


Arriving at exact similimum is a bigger challenge for the Homeopathic doctor. Homeopathic materia medica, in fact, has a large collection of remedies. Additionally, there are many challenges in obtaining symptoms, grading them and overall case repertorization.


In short, finding the Homeopathic similimum is a daunting task and may require patience. Biochemic remedies come handy in such situation. By prescribing biochemic medicine Homeopathic physician surely buy some time to arrive at the similimum.


In conclusion, the biochemic medicine bridge the gap between disease state and the initiation of cure. Furthermore, these tissue salts or cell salts act as an adjunct to prescribed therapy.


These cell salts, in fact, work together with prescribed medicines. Since these tissue salts or cell salts do not act negatively on a prescribed therapy they can literally be consumed along with any system of prescribing medicines i.e. Allopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy or Homeopathy.


Biochemic medicinesBiochemic tissue salts, in particular, are recommended in low decimal potency for correcting cellular level deficiencies. To say nothing of, the biochemic medicines or cell salts stimulate the body mechanisms to harmonize the disturbance. These cell salts compensate for the deficient minerals. In other words, biochemic cell salts activate innate healing process of the human body.


In general, these cell salts are constitutionally similar to human body salts. Since they are physiologically and chemically same, these cell salts get absorbed easily into the circulation. Obviously, cell dynamics channelizes the process faster for the constituents which they lack in.


Overall, biochemic medicines or cell salts play the crucial role in reorganizing disturbed molecular motions. Not to mention here, balancing cellular dynamics is a pathway for reinstating health.


In particular, there are 12 biochemic medicines or cell salts available for use. Each one of them surely works on numerous body systems. Hence, they can cover a variety of symptoms. Additionally, these biochemic medicines or cell salts foster absorption and functioning of other nutrients too.


Moreover, these cell salts can be used in kids, geriatrics and pregnant ladies. In general, there are no known side effects for these biochemic medicines and all biochemic remedies certainly can be administered safely.


Rare possibility of Biochemic tissue salts side effects

Biochemic medicinesSince biochemic tissue salts are said to be safe with all kinds of prescription medicines, generally people may ask if they are truly safe. Of course, the use of biochemic cell salts is in practice since the 19th century. So far, a number of people have used them as a single biochemic medicine or they have consumed some kind of biochemic combination. However, there are no known side effects. So far, no reports available stating side effect. Additionally, there are no reports of the interaction of biochemic cell salts with other medicines.


In the event that low potency of biochemic cell salts used often, chances of getting side effects from them are unlikelyAdditionally, there is no harm in taking more than one biochemic medicine at a time. However, symptoms may worsen due to the natural course of the disease itself or in rare cases as a part of the Homeopathic cure. Based on this information, cell salts side effects seem the remote possibility.

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  1. BioChem works even where homeo fails like arthritis, sciatica, spondylitis, dental infection, loose teeth, early cataract and many more… telling from personal experience of a non-medical user. Very convenient since only 12 med. Can always be carried! It however reacts if in very high dose or if given during migraine. Repeat that all submissions out of personal experience of a non-medical person.

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