Biochemic Medicine: Schuessler’s Tissue Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts

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The biochemic medicine approach is prevalent for more than 2 centuries. Dr. Schuessler first identified 12 biochemic minerals present in every cell of human body. Read how he notably used them to cure various disorders. In general, these salts are also termed as Schuessler’s Tissue Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts or Cell Salts.

Balancing Your Biochemic Minerals

Dr. Schussler (1873) was a well-known homeopath. He found that there are 12 basic minerals which help tissue to function smoothly. The equilibrium of these minerals represents the health status of an individual.


Schuessler cell saltAny disorder, in fact, is the imbalance of these fundamental building blocks. Hence, he propounded the theory that in the first place, the disease is caused by the insufficiency of organic salts in the tissues/cells of the body and that the supply of these deficient salt(s) cures diseases.


Furthermore, Dr. Schussler concluded that maintaining the balance of these salts fosters tissue functioning. Dr. Schuessler believed that tissue imbalances could be corrected by easily absorbed and homeopathically-prepared, micro-doses of each salt.


A deficiency of any of these 12 salts obviously would lead to disorder. Moreover, such deficiency gives favorable environments to disease to settle in. For example bacterial growth. These cell salts balance the disturbance, in particular, happened at the cellular level. Since they are building blocks of a human body, Dr. Schussler believed each cell can come under the purview of them.


As a matter of fact, the low potency of these salts is preferred for use. Generally, 6X and 12X potency preferred for use. In fact, tissue salts are available in 1X, 2X, 6X, 12X and 30X potencies as a healing agent.


The method for preparing biochemic medicine is same as for Homeopathy. The biochemic medicine provides the missing nutrient to the human body.


In general, biochemic medicine is available in tablet format. You may chew biochemic medicine tablet.


What Makes Biochemic Medicine Ideal?

In fact, each biochemic medicine aims to provide fundamental nourishment. Indeed, the expert Homeopathic doctor use biochemic medicine judiciously. Additionally, they may form the best adjunct to Homeopathy medicine while prescribing.
schuessler 12 cell salts biochemic medicines
The expert Homeopathy doctor identifies the deficiency of minerals with attention to emerging symptoms. He prescribes these salts, especially in a required potency and doses. He may prefer single biochemic medicine or prescribe them in a combination.
By all means below some qualities of tissue salts that make them special for prescribing:
  • No bitterness in tasting
  • Safe for kids, pregnancy, and geriatrics
  • Natural ingredients
  • Non-addictive
  • Non-toxic
  • No side effects
  • Safe to use with prescription medicines
  • May Add value to Homeopathy, Naturopathy or Ayurvedic prescriptions
  • Suitable for acute and chronic disorders
  • Convenient storing
  • Convenient for carrying
  • Can be used in combinations
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4 thoughts on “Biochemic Medicine: Schuessler’s Tissue Salts or Biochemic Tissue Salts

  1. BioChem works even where homeo fails like arthritis, sciatica, spondylitis, dental infection, loose teeth, early cataract and many more… telling from personal experience of a non-medical user. Very convenient since only 12 med. Can always be carried! It however reacts if in very high dose or if given during migraine. Repeat that all submissions out of personal experience of a non-medical person.

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