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How to develop best position to sleep in? Achieve recommended sleeping position

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Best sleep position if medically recommended is a challenge for some people. Read this health letter to find how to develop the best position to sleep in?

  Date: 09-Sep-2016


How to develop best sleep position?

Dear friend,

Here we are back again. We have already discussed the importance of sleeping position. In fact, best sleep position must bring medical significance also. So far we have discussed benefits and harms of different sleeping positions. In this article, we will discuss how to develop recommended the best sleeping position.

Which sleeping position you preferred most when you were a child?

Do you prefer sleeping in the same position now??

Best sleep position one

With a passage of time, we may change our sleeping position. As an illustration, I used to sleep on the stomach when I was a child. And now there is 180-degree turn!!!

Is your current sleeping style is different from childhood?? How much trouble you had in shifting your style???

I guess it happened unknowingly!!!

But is it the case for today? Many people struggle to sleep, especially had they been advised to change sleeping position. To begin with, let’s find out the reasons for someone needs to shift in his regular sleeping position.

Reasons for changing sleeping style

Everyone has his unique sleeping style. In this article, we are referring to the style that everyone adapts during sleep initiation. Later while sleeping one may keep on changing it involuntarily. Here below are the common causes that may compel individual to change his sleeping position.


Pain maybe the forcing reason that individual prefers changing his sleeping position. Ultimately both components of pain affect this drive. Meaning pain maybe aggravated or it may be ameliorated in particular position.

Individual may find worsening of pain while in his regular sleeping position. Or it may get ameliorated in a position other than his regular sleeping position. Hence new position constitutes his best sleep position for that matter. In either case, individual had to change his sleeping position.

Sleeplessness is for the brief period if the pain is the acute type. For example- dental pain, traumatic pain etc. Pain due to sprain is one of the common causes among the list.

However, chronic pain may consequently cause insomnia of longer duration. For example- the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, chronic back pain etc.

Medical advice

Sometimes sleeping positions are prescribed for the betterment of health. Based on physical needs your health professional may advise you best sleep position. Conditions like pregnancy or snoring disorder require certain healthy sleeping positions.

In particular ‘best sleep position’ is common prescription during post-operative care or post-traumatic care.

Obviously, the person taking more time to sleep in struggles for achieving prescribed sleeping position.

Environmental factors

Best sleep position two

  • Space: Lack of space for sleeping maybe the cause of insomnia
  • Light: Flashing light on face maybe the reason making sleeping difficult
  • Noise: Sleeping needs a calm environment. Troublesome noise consequently impacts sleep initiation or maintenance.
  • Physical disturbance: Uncomfortable mattress, pillow or tight clothing are few examples. Some people cannot tolerate weight on their body. They get disturbed even with the weight of hand put on their body by one of the family members.
  • Location: For few people, familiarity with the location also matters. Sleeping at new unknown location impacts their sleep.
  • Surface: Especially people struggle to achieve their regular sleeping position while traveling. Also uneven ground or mattress cause discomfort.

I think the feel of support, attachment, and warmth is more in sleeping on side or on the stomach than sleeping on the back. Hence I feel people regularly sleeping on back become sleepless if the fear sets in mind. Hence they are likely to change sleeping position due to fear.

Fear of falling from the bed is another common cause. Hence people try to sleep in a secure position. Secure position maybe different from their regular sleeping position. Consequently, it affects sleep initiation.

Delay in sleep initiation

Sleeping maybe delayed due to physical or mental causes. Obviously, each individual has his own limit to remain in one particular position. As a result, people had to change their regular sleeping position after a while.

For example, people suffering due to the train of thoughts suffer from such delay. In this case person initially, suffers from his own thoughts. Meanwhile, he loses his regular sleeping position. Later new sleeping position extends his sleep initiation.

I hope I have covered all common circumstances demanding the change of sleeping position. For easy goers, they hardly matter to fall asleep. In fact, rarely such people think of best sleep position. But there are many among us who require physical and mental equilibrium to initiate sleep.

Indeed adopting new best sleep position seems a challenge. For many of us, it brings anxiety and lack of confidence. Therefore people tend to abandon the thought of changing sleeping position. On the negative side, it is like a battle for them.

In case if best sleep position is medically warranted, such people are likely to harm themselves by denying the change.

Questions like how to change my sleeping position cannot be answered in a single sentence.  In fact getting into best sleep position is the tedious task for more. As no particular time frame can be established, one has to progress step by step. That’s why I used the phrase ‘developing sleeping position’ rather than ‘changing sleeping position’.

Let we go logically and try to define some ways to achieve our target.

Developing recommended best sleep position

Best sleep position three

There is no perfect remedy that will help for winning this battle. There is no guarantee the measure successfully applied to one will help others. In other words, acquiring new sleeping position is matter of individualization. Each individual has his own ideas, own mindset and of course own comfort zone.

If we say it is a battle of an individual against his self, then chances of winning are 50% right at the start.

One has to grow in this proportion and eventually he would succeed. In fact, there is no fix time frame when he or she will succeed. Therefore required time for acquiring new sleeping position is also a matter of individualization.

The need of changing sleeping position may arise from one or more above mentioned reasons. The person needs to trust himself during the change process.

Attempting new sleeping position is nothing but finding Goldilocks zone on your bed. Mind and body are to be paralleled for sleep initiation. And this happens when the certain level of comfort sets in both. For few people, such Goldilocks zone is quite nearer. Hence with minimum attempts they can sleep at the moment they wish.

Sleeplessness due to new position

Let’s see what happens to a sleepless person if he tries new sleeping position.

First, he loses comfort level in the new position within a short while. Additionally, body parts do not achieve a certain level of relaxation. Comfort is the first priority of sleep initiation. At second level, the person loses confidence. He begins to deny the idea of achieving new best sleep position. At third level, the mental battle becomes the reality. The person simply put downs the idea of best position to sleep in. He just returns to his regular sleeping position probably to harm himself more.

The person who wants to succeed in this process has to reverse this process. He had to stick to the idea of new sleeping position no matter how long it takes. Beholding the idea of change gradually builds confidence. Regular attempts with confidence eventually bring the necessary comfort level. Needless to say then with new Goldilocks, another planet of dreams is within reach.

How to prepare for changing sleeping position

Below mentioned tips would help you for adopting this change. I guess if followed they would enhance this change process.

Building mindset

As discussed earlier, believing in self is the first major step. In case if you had done it in past then its icing on a cake. That’s why I asked about your sleeping position of childhood.

Best sleep position seven

Just remember how much friction you had while doing that change in your past. Build similar mindset right now. Concentrate on benefits of changing sleeping position. Ask yourself, why prescribed position is the best sleep position?

Do not get depressed if its taking time. Be aware that the achieving best position to sleep in may require time and efforts.

Be acquainted with new location if you had to sleep in there. Ensure and be confidant that new location is safe and secure. Trolling in a new area, getting acquainted with new people may familiarize you with new surroundings.

Stick to the required schedule. Do not forget something that will make you get out of the bed. For example taking your prescribed medication prior to sleep, going to the bathroom before sleeping or setting alarm.

Keeping accessories like a torch or walking stick near your bed will provide you physical and mental support.

Ensure you have sufficient space available for sleeping. Use accessories like a pillow if you fear of falling from bed.

However, care to be taken when you have limited space. Don’t fall pray for anxiety in case your regular sleeping position is different than the secure position at such instance. Take essential safety measures prior to bed in.

Follow your physician’s prescription. Do not miss the analgesics if they are prescribed. Alternative pain reduction measures such as fomentation if specifically prescribed should be followed.

Be confident that new sleeping position will mitigate your troubles. Probably that is why it is the best sleep position to sleep in.

Minimize environmental disturbances

Elements of best position to sleep in must be remembered. Recommended best sleep position asks for space, time, motion, light, aeration and of course noise pollution.

Best sleep position four

Ensure availability of sufficient space for sleeping. Don’t be anxious in case space is insufficient. Arrange for room light so that it would not disturb your sleeping. Similarly arrange for fanning, air condition well in advance.

Try to avoid noisy environment for sleeping. Measures like shutting doors, closing windows reduce the sound impact if you had to sleep in noisy situations.

Get treatment is done in case you suffer from tinnitus.

Ensure accessories like the comfortable mattress, pillows are available. Do not worry if in case they are not available. Otherwise, such thoughts may provoke train of thoughts.

Adjust clothing style to suit surrounding environment. Know environmental differences before visiting new geographical places. This will help you to arrange accessories well in advance.

Ensure safety if you had to sleep while traveling. Fixing seat belts, finding enough support to rest in probably help you to avoid injury while sleeping.

Managing delay in sleep initiation

Usually, sleep is delayed due to the train of thoughts. Hence try to avoid anxiety before falling asleep. Also, ensure you have controlled environmental disturbances.

Best sleep position five

Do not keep any physical activity behind for which you had to get up from the bed. Just do it immediately. For example, if you want to switch off the night lamp, then do it now. If you want to set the mobile alarm, just do it. Do not plan to do such things after a while. Because in a meanwhile train of thoughts likely to set in.

Take prescribed medications on time. Religiously follow do’s and don’ts if you are prescribed with sleep pills.

Avoid provoking thoughts prior to sleep.

Manage urge for changing sleeping position. In case if your sleep is delayed, you are likely to change sleeping position after a certain period. People take time either to choose or to settle in new sleeping position.

Managing urge of changing sleeping position

Such urge of change is nothing but signal given by your body. It suggests the area being touching to the ground and bearing weight is compressed enough. Now affected tissues need fresh supply of blood. They need more oxygen. Nerves need some de-pressurization.

At this moment, your regular sleeping position becomes bothersome. Insomnia or sleeplessness happens due to below reasons.

  • People take a time to change or plan to change after a while. This delay fuels the train of thoughts.
  • They may choose the nearest variation of regular sleeping position. For example, you may sleep on back with the forearm on your forehead. As urge of change arrives, you put the forearm on your chest and beg for sleep. In such scenario, the pressurized body area remains as it is making sleeping difficult.
  • No other sleeping position turns out to be comfortable. The sense of discomfort fuels insomnia.

That’s why changing and achieving best sleep position is the difficult task. I feel below points may help you if you had to adopt the best position to sleep:

Adopting recommended best sleep position

Best sleep position six

  • If best sleep position is prescribed then do some exercise for achieving it. Lie in a new best position to sleep when you are not intended to sleep. Try to retain it for the maximum period you can bear. Upon regular practicing your time of holding it increases. The urge of changing sleeping position gradually delays.
  • As a result, you will be habituated with new best sleep position. This will help to build required comfort for sleep initiation.
  • You may follow the same exercise as soon as you bed in for sleeping. But do it for a brief period. Otherwise, the delay may provoke train of thoughts.
  • However, when you intend to sleep, the approach should be different. If discomfort sets in newly pursued best sleep position, then shift to the regular sleeping position. You may take another try with best sleep position probably as the sleep approaches.
  • Be patient in case of failure. Tomorrow never dies. For that moment try your regular sleeping position.
  • People having longer sleep initiation duration even struggle with the regular sleeping position. It is logical to avoid variation of current sleeping position if discomfort sets in it. Instead, shift in new position for a while to relax pressurized body parts would be the better idea. After a considerable time, they may change to the regular sleeping position but with the nearest variation.
  • If a delay in sleep is unavoidable then get out of the bed for the brief period. Engage your mind in doing the light activity like reading. However, avoid activities bringing physical or mental stress.
  • Ensure all activities are done before you set in recommended best sleep position. Arrange for accessories like pillow well in advance.
  • Avoid provoking thoughts while in bed.

I hope above points will help you to adjust in best position to sleep in.