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Insomnia due to ‘Thought Train’

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Thought train is the well-known insomnia cause. This insomnia cause or may be sometimes described as insomnia symptom explained in this health letter article. The article details how someone falls prey to his or her own thoughts and as a result suffers from sleeplessness.

Thought Train – Insomnia Cause and Symptom

Letter to the patient suffering from insomnia

Date: 10-Jul-2016



Dear friend,

I hope you would have gone through my first health letter. I hope you will be reading this letter article with more enthusiasm. Ok then. Let we dive in the ocean of mind. Let we try to understand more about the racing mind. Racing mind also termed as the train of thoughts. Probably train of thoughts stands major insomnia cause.

I would prefer to use the termthought train’ for the racing mind. OK.

Racing mind or Train of thoughts

Train of thoughts-insomnia causeThe racing mind is the situation where thoughts are generated in an uncontrolled fashion. Therefore thoughts keep on coming and going. Almost endless. Usually, they are symptoms of anxiety or mood disorder. This manic thought pattern often delays sleep.

Let’s start and utter next sentence. ‘I am going to sleep’.

Grammatically there is only one subject in this sentence.

But I would say… medically there are two subjects.

Puzzled??? Let I explain.

The first subject is you. That means your physical body. The other one is your mind!!!

So there are two things which are expected to sleep. Your physical body and your mind!!!!

I hope now you would understand where I am trying to focus your attention. First of all, we will revolve around these two subjects. The behavior of mind and body. And we will try to understand more about this insomnia cause.

Behavior of body

I think it is easier for a body to follow the fixed pattern. Habitually you maybe waking up at the fixed time. Probably you get hungry at the fixed time. Maybe you wish coffee at the particular time.

Similarly, if you follow the fixed time of bed, you would likely to sleep at your habitual time. Dear friend, I feel patterns or schedules of the physical body are comparatively easy to control.  Probably easier than the patterns of your mind.

Just imagine few things! Things that create an obstacle in your physical pattern!! Things especially in regards to sleep!!!

Imagine you are lying in the bed. And the light flashes upon your eyes. Or disturbing noise knocks your eardrums.

Can you sleep then?? Probably you can not!!!

Just imagine, you have got a new pillow. Or maybe your pain got worsened as you went to bed. Then what would be the insomnia cause??

Maybe new pillow?? The pillow that made your habitual sleeping position difficult!!

Maybe arthritic pain?? The pain that kept you tossing in the bed!!!

We can illustrate a number of such examples. In such scenarios treat the insomnia cause and you are done. Opposite to mind behavior of body is controllable.

I mean stop the disturbing light!! Or stop the annoying noise!!! Get it done first of all. And you are likely to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

In conclusion, we have something here to help. Something to stop the disturbance and fall asleep. Something that maybe helpful for curing or mitigating the problem. Probably that’s the reason, insomnia cause of disturbing environment hardly contributes to chronic insomnia.

Behavior of Mind

Now let we discuss the other subject of our sentence… Your Mind!!!

Let us discuss the things which can create an obstacle in your mental pattern. Things that can disturb your sleep schedule.

Just imagine situation before you went to bed.

Maybe you wrapped the things well on time! Probably you had a food on time!! You maybe went to bed at the habitual time!!! In addition, you had a cool and calm environment!!!!

Then what was that which kept you awake? What left you sleepless?? Ask your Self!!!!


Racing mind insomnia causeThoughts!! Your thoughts!!  Probably that was the train of thoughts!!!

What was their origin? How and from where they started??

Can we say the memory of your past experience is one of the reason? You went to bed with all in place. Shut your eyes… And you just remembered one of the past incidences…

And that got started!!!!

Furthermore, it continued!!!! Probably throughout the night!!!! Oh, that was really endless!!!!

I hope you have got what I want to say.

Effect of racing mind

Some people start thinking as they lie in the bed. Probably they plan for future. They may start with honest scheduling or planning. But after a while, they lose control. Due to which they end up in an uncontrolled situation.


They suffer from the disorder of insomnia.

Let’s imagine some common nasty incidences!! Scenes that maybe keep on flashing as someone tries to sleep.

It can be your boss!! He who shouted upon you!! Probably for not meeting the deadlines!! Or it can be your fiance!! She who has started ignoring you!!!

It maybe a day before your first air travel!! Maybe it was the moment when you had a sudden stress!! Maybe it was the moment when you encountered exponentially increased bills!!!


It can also be the day when she accepted your propose. Or it can be the day when you got the gold medal.

Opposite to body, pleasant or exciting things can put mind on the race!!! In the case of mind, pleasant or exciting things can be the insomnia cause.


Its tough to say STOP when your mind is on the race!! Sometimes night may pass to realize to say STOP!!!


train of thoughts major insomnia causeThe ocean of mind is truly baseless. And if in case it gets provoked…probably you surpass one wave and the other comes to strike you. Maybe you try to treat the insomnia cause and the cause continues to wave the tsunami at you.

Oh, my reader… Let’s shut your eyes for a while!! Just pinch you left ear pinna!!!

Both of us know, where your mind was while you were pinching. But can you tell where your mind was exactly at the moment when you opened your eyes?

Just feel how volatile our mind is!!!

In addition… our mind breeds upon the chain reaction!!!!

One thought fuels the other. The other brings another. No matter these thoughts are linked or not. Just one ends and the other arises. You may say ‘good night’ while lying in the bed but may stay awake throughout. And all is because of this thought train.

How this insomnia cause gets ignited??



The insomnia cause of thought train gets ignited by the behavior of our mind.

Simply by one provoking thought… And that’s all. Seems like no tracks… no destination!!!

Oh my reader… Let I come to the reason why I chose to write about this major insomnia cause. Please dive in your mind and ask.

chronic insomnia cause train of thoughtsIs thought train the real reason?? Is racing mind the insomnia cause??? Or is this thing sets you on sleepless travels???

Please ask your self. Does thought train make you be depend upon sleep pills???

I hope you would have realized the mantra behind. Probably the relation between the train of thoughts and insomnia. The Link building between these two elements.

I wish you will not book yourself for such travels every night!!

Just keep telling yourself every night….

Avoid the thought that keeps on fed. Thou miss the train and ride the bed!!!

Good night…



Dr. Suraj Awadhani